Creating presentations can be quick and simple–that is, if you know what to do. However, not everyone is gifted with the talent and creativity of turning slides into powerful presentations that can persuade and move. And that’s where Free PowerPoint Templates come in.

Free PowerPoint Templates ( is a rich and thriving treasure trove of all things PowerPoint, and more. It offers free PowerPoint templates and slide designs for PowerPoint as well as tips and tricks for delivering compelling presentations and speeches. It also contains slides with professionally created animations, complex charts and numerous other visuals to help you in all types of presentations, whether it’s for business, school, or personal use.


FPPT Offers Over 10,000 Presentation Templates offers a wide and diverse range of presentation and slide templates for any topic or industry. In fact, it has one of the largest collections on the web today, with over 10,000 templates–and the list continues to grow.

The templates are all professionally created and carefully selected. Best of all, you get to choose from thousands of them easily from a neat and well-organized list of categories. You can also sort through the thousands of presentation templates according to theme, design, topic or oven color. You can choose a color from the color picker right from the portal’s homepage. You can also just type in a keyword in the search box and be amazed at how many results show up. With the many template options, you’ll never run out of ideas and inspiration for presentations.

Furthermore, each of the templates are designed to give you a complete presentation with just a few tweaks. They are all specifically created for Microsoft PowerPoint, so you can work seamlessly across all versions of the software but the presentation format can be imported into other presentation tools like Apache OpenOffice, Google Slides or even Keynote.

The presentation templates come complete with a title slide, transitions, several layout options, and a sample structure that you can follow for your own presentation. They can also be easily customized to represent your brand and better accommodate your content and information. Just change the formatting or move the objects around, and you have a presentation that is totally your own.

Using these free PowerPoint presentations from saves you a lot of time, money and energy. You don’t even have to hire a professional to do it because you can be done with your presentation in minutes. With FPPT, you get professional-quality presentations all by yourself and all you have to do is work your way through the slides easily and simply.

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A Professional Presentation for Everyone and Every Purpose

Whatever your purpose for creating a presentation, FPPT has you covered. It has all kinds of PowerPoint resources to suit any topic, purpose, or industry. The portal also offers tutorials and tips to help anyone in crafting their slideshows. What’s great is the portal has blogs and instructions that make it easy for anyone to create presentations regardless of their skill level in PowerPoint.

For example, if you’re not that well-versed when it comes to creating business plan presentations, can help you. There are many sample business plan presentations that you can use right away. The structure is already there and you just have to type in the information that is needed for each slide. This is a great guide for you to follow, saving you time as well.


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There are also appropriate sets of visuals that go with the templates as well. For example, business themed presentation templates have visuals like charts and graphs that reflect the topic that the template is about. This makes things so much easier for you so you don’t have to start from scratch. It also gives you a good idea of what to include in your own presentation, allowing it to look professional and cohesive. Furthermore, this helps to combat the famous Death by Power Point.


Then, if you want to add more information, you can just easily add new slides and with the templates, the slides you add can still follow the same design and format as the template. Then, by changing the color schemes and styles, you get a custom look for your own presentation.

Vast and Free PowerPoint Resource for All Presenters

Whether or not you’re a professional presenter, you can definitely find something that you can use in The templates are specially designed for PowerPoint, so you can be sure that whatever you choose from the vast library is compatible. You can seamlessly switch from template to template without compromising the integrity of your content and formatting. This is especially true if you already created a slideshow and you just need to change the design or theme using FPPT templates.


What’s also great about FPPT is all the templates and presenter resources are free. Access to the site is free, meaning you don’t have to subscribe to anything. You don’t have to sign up for membership or pay for any template or tip. And still, you get high-quality, professionally designed templates that, when done right, can make your presentation look like a million dollars.

You can download as many templates as you want and create your own personal library of templates and slide designs for reference and future use. This allows you to be more confident in creating presentations and, when you’re all done, presenting these in front of a crowd.