Crowdfunding Platform For Online Shopping “Chipnship”


What does Chipnship Do?

Chip’n Ship is a crowdfunding platform for online shopping conceptualized in July 2014 by Faisal and Monna Raja of Altlimit. It uses Amazon as its online retailer and Google Cloud Platform for hosting the application. Chip’n Ship is currently in beta test version at The platform targets the average online users letting them create a shopping wish list and enabling other users to chip in. Aside from serving as personal wishlist and gift registry platform, creators envision Chip’n Ship becoming a primary option for managing donations for institutions and other causes. The platform can be used to build a school library or donate goods to victims of natural disasters. Chip’n Ship addresses fraudulence by letting beneficiaries receive actual items instead of money at the end of a successful campaign. The founders believe this feature sets Chip’n Ship apart from other crowd-gifting platforms.

Why do we need Chipnship?

The main feature that sets it aside from it’s competitor is the process of shipping the actual items to the recipient. This makes it easier for people that create group funding for a person eliminating the need for getting the actual item themselves and shipping it. It also lessens the fraudulent usage of funding since you will get actual gift than receiving the money that you can use for anything than what you asked for.

Who is Chipnship for?

 Birthday celebrants, make a wish or create wish for the celebrants. Group activities, when you want to buy something as a group. School library projects and supplies, schools can create wishes and share it to parents of students. Wedding gift registry to avoid getting multiple items, create your wish list and let your guests know where to chip in. Employee rewards, make your coworkers gets wishes and for everyone else that doesn’t have enough money because they are in that time of their life.

What makes Chipnship stand out from Others? 

Chip’n ship will actually make the shipment of the product that got funded instead of giving the money. Sometimes there will be money over when there are people who chip in over the actual amount needed it will be credited to their account and they can either use it to chip in to others or to their other wishes. Chip’n Ship focuses on actual item instead of money.

What’s Next of Chipnship?

The current features of Chip’n Ship is very basic creating wish then getting granted and shipped. List of future features such as adding tracking on shipments, integrating it to more retailers (at the moment only amazon US) and expanding it to more countries and their local retailers. We are also listening to user feedback for features they will be suggesting. Otherwise the mentioned features are what’s on the road map.