Darktrace, The Cyber Security Startup raises $18M

Darktrace, is a Cambridge based cyber security company. The startup is a world leader in enterprise immune system technology. Darktrace is one of the rapidly growing cyber defense companies and is a leader in immune system technology which is a new category of cyber solutions.

It addresses the challenges of insider threat and advanced cyber attacks through its ability to identify previously unidentified threats in real time which is manifested in the network and device behaviors.

World’s largest organizations depend on the adaptive and self learning platform of Darktrace to spot on any suspicious activity in the enterprise, in sectors which include utilities, telecommunications, retail, financial, transportation and energy.

How much Darktrace was funded?

The cyber security startup, Darktrace, which is supported by Mike Lynch, Superyacht owner, raised $18 M in Series A funding on March 17th, 2015 by Hoxton Ventures, Invoke Capital Partners and Talis Capital.

What is next for Darktrace?

The new funding for the Uk based startup is to be used to help in its growth and its expansion into the Asia Pacific.

More about Darktrace

Darktrace, was founded in 2013 by intelligence agencies’s ex members. Its board members are Andrew France, the cyber defense’s deputy head and Jonathan Evans, the ex-MI5’s director general.

Darktrace uses math and machine learning to identify early stage cyber threats at its early stage. It markets its technology as an Enterprise immune system, which the startup claims that it works similar to a human body, analyzing the traffic and finding anomalies inside. The startup claims that it can address the advanced cyber threats whether it is internal or external, by identifying previously unseen threats in real time.

This method is quite different from the traditional approaches used in cyber security, which employs rule based systems and are based on the idea that placing up walls around the network is the best way to fight cyber threats.