A dash cam has become so much an essential part of today’s driving. A car, not fitted with one, might prove to be a big hassle for the owner, in the event of a road rage or an accident. It’s so convenient when you have one to prove conclusively whether you were at fault or whether it was a third party’s fault that caused any damage. With multiple varieties of dash cams available in the market today and many of them available online, including dual lens ones, it might be a very difficult choice to make to pick the correct model for yourself.

The problem of plenty

They come cheap, and there are expensive varieties too. Some have only a front lens and then there are some that provide you the convenience of rear view too. One of the steepest problems you will face is that you will hardly find a known brand name online. There are hardly any well-established, reputed brands that are into dash cam manufacturing. So, making a choice can be very difficult. More so, when you find that many different models that advertise online show the same images. So, you are naturally worried about whether what is advertised is what you will get.

Plus, even different cameras, made by what apparently seems to be different companies, may, in fact, have more in common than you realize. The cameras look totally different, yet when you turn them on they will offer you the same features and may even display the same startup screen! Flashy branding and packaging compound the confusion and with products mostly manufactured in China, Taiwan, and Korea, you wonder which product to rely on.

Tips to make the right choice

With the lack of any substantial credentials among the many vendors who sell dash cams online, one good idea would be to procure one from an online platform that has a good reputation. It is much better to rely on these platforms than buy it directly from a retailer or dealer online. With most reputed platforms offering some sort of buyer protection, you are at least assured of some support, should the product turn out to be faulty. When you buy from a reputed platform, be it Amazon, eBay, or the other big players, you get the benefit of price comparison among multiple brands as well as the peace of mind of some sort of purchase protection.

While you should definitely read the fine print, both of the product as well as the buyer protection that the online retailer offers, it is also important to read reviews about both the product as well as the vendor. Check out the vendor ratings that have been left by previous buyers.

Features that are an absolute must

Read the product descriptions meticulously. Get an idea of what all features the product has. Definitely go in for a dash cam that records in high definition and offers a wider angle of capture. If you buy a cheap one that doesn’t offer picture clarity, then the same wouldn’t be of any use in establishing your case. The recommendation would be to go with a dual lens camera. The dual lens dash cams help captures events that are happening in the front as well as captures any hits that may come from the rear. Also, a camera that has the ability to capture a wider angle will record much more details about the event. For example, a dash by a motorbike from the side would be much easier to detect with a wide-angled recorder. Also, check the camera’s processing speed, the ability to start recording automatically when there’s a power supply or a sudden impact, and also the storage capacity that comes along with the camera.

Make sure you get a dash cam with a looping feature. That way your dash cam will automatically record and erase old video you no longer require, and you don’t have to delete footage manually. Look for dash cams that have g-force sensors that help detect an impact when you’ve been in an accident. Ensure your dash cam can record nighttime footage consistently. Models with infrared or night vision aren’t usually very reliable.

Check out videos

This might seem a little strange, but it is a great idea to check out videos posted by Russians. Firstly, because they are used widely in the country and most importantly because the country has quite a reputation for rash driving. When you shortlist a dash cam, check out whether there is a video posted that has captured real-time footage. It will give you a very good idea of the camera’s capabilities, the clarity that it offers and thus help you take the right decision.