What started as a niggling feeling of dread on a Sunday night before work, gradually evolved into an all-consuming thought, plaguing you throughout the day in the office: should you switch careers?

We all get disenchanted with our job at times. Sometimes these periods of disenchantment last for several weeks or even months. But does that mean it is time to jump ship and have a complete career overhaul? These are 7 questions to ask yourself before you switch careers and create a powerful resume at LiveCareer to start distributing to potential hiring managers.

How Long Have You Been Feeling Like This?

 Being constantly stressed at work is a sign that things might not be working for you in your career. Because work-induced stressed is one of the most prominent causes of depression, if you find yourself constantly stressed out and miserable every time you think about work for a long period of time, then it is time to seek out something else.

What Got You into Your Career in the First Place?

 How did you end up here? Did you choose your career for extrinsic reasons, like money, convenience or to fulfil a parent’s dream? If so, then your dissatisfaction now may be born from doing a job that never interested you in the first place.

If you got into your career because it was something you always wanted to do, then why isn’t it working out now? It could be that you don’t enjoy the job, but love the career, in which case, is there somewhere else you could do a similar job but in a different environment?

Before you have to start from the bottom, consider if a change of scenery within the same career path might cure your itchy feet.

Do You Have a Passion or Purpose?

 If you did choose your career for extrinsic reasons and it doesn’t align with your personal idea of happiness, the next step is to determine what that personal idea is. Do you have a passion? What is your purpose? What career would play to your strengths, whilst giving you a sense of purpose and igniting your passion?

Is There Still Room for Growth?

 Often, people mistake boredom for dissatisfaction. If there is no opportunity left for growth in your career, you may be bored. This boredom might translate into dissatisfaction, which has prompted your desire for a career change.

You may find that if you speak to your superiors about career growth opportunities, and you work with them to create a roadmap for career progression, your sense of career dissatisfaction dissipates.

Do You Like and Respect the People You Work With?

 If you are still deciding whether or not to change careers, think about the people you work with. Often, people don’t leave jobs, they leave people. If you don’t like the people you work with and you don’t feel like your manager has your best interests at heart, it could be time for a change of scenery and a different path.

What is Stopping You from Doing it?

 If you are still grappling with the idea of a career change, chances are there is something stopping you. Have you fallen in love with the lifestyle your career brings you or are you concerned you won’t find work in the industry you really want to work in?

Well, you will never know until you get out there and try it. Don’t let minor things get in the way of you starting the next chapter of your life.

How Can You Get into Your Industry of Choice?

 Once you have decided you are going to initiate a career change, it is time to think about how you can break into your new industry and get on the right career path.

LinkedIn and Twitter are great ways to connect with people working in your chosen industry. Reach out to a wide variety of people to harvest as much information as possible and begin mapping your new career path. That way, when it comes to making the leap of faith, you have some feelers out already.