What does DemoChimp do?

DemoChimp, is a software which intelligently automates product demo videos so that sales personnel can demo less and close more.

It is a SaaS or Software as a Service which automates customized product demos for accelerating sales. Its interactive demo platform personalizes video and documents so that every prospect learn about your solution automatically in the most relevant way. This will lower the sales cycles and increase the close rates.

DemoChimp’s Demolytics, dashboard will help you find and engage the entire purchase committee by collecting analytics and tracking who is involved, what is of importance to them, what they have viewed and with whom they shared it with. This will increase consensus and helps in making a purchase decision faster than the regular sales methods. With DemoChimp, clients have reduced their sales cycles by 68% and hiked close rates by 27%.

How much DemoChimp was funded?

DemoChimp has raised $2.8 M in Seed Round on April 9th, 2015 from institutional venture capital firms and angel investors Peak Ventures, Seed Equity, Albion Financial, Paul Ahlstrom, Select Venture Partners, Scott Frazier and Greg Schenk.

Previous funding

  • $100k in Convertible Note on October 28, 2014 from Seed Equity Ventures

What is next for DemoChimp?

DemoChimp’s new funds will be used for customer acquisition, marketing and product development. The funding will accelerate its intelligent demo automation platform and helps business to business teams reduce the sales cycles and increase the close rates.


More about DemoChimp

DemoChimp was founded on March 1st, 2013 by Scott Rafferty and  Garin Hess and has its headquarters in American Fork, UT.DemoChimp is an SaaS company which intelligently automates product demos for increasing sales. Its dashboard will drive consensus and gets to a purchase decision much faster than traditional sales methods. With the help of DemoChimp, clients have cut their sales cycles by 68% and hiked their close rates by 44%.