The best point of sale systems for businesses are those that have all of the features necessary to meet everyday transaction and reporting needs. Most have come to expect features that simplify and streamline payment processes, like PARTech POS systems. Features like reporting and inventory management are reasons companies turn to solutions like these to run their small or large businesses.

What is a POS?

A POS lets you accept sales and manage transactions within a system comprised of hardware and software. The solution can be thought of as a cash register with a range of system components that can process credit cards, debit cards, and cash transactions. These machines can scan barcodes, report sales activity, print receipts, and process payments.

Types of systems

Smartphone POS systems are powered by apps that can process payments. A credit card reader attached to the phone can process credit card or debit card information. Payments can then be accepted at any location that the smartphone is. Receipts can generally be issued via email or printed from a portable printer device.

Terminal POS systems resemble cash registers. Powered by cloud software, the solutions come with cash drawers, scanners, and other equipment. Company data is backed up online. User privileges and secure cloud-based security protocols prevent unauthorized access by criminals and employees.

Tablet POS systems are supported through tablets. Droid and Apple products can be used to accept and process payments. Credit card processing capabilities are supported by whatever type of credit card processor is selected. These solutions are customizable with barcode readers, cash drawers, and other types of equipment. Applications available can handle a multitude of everyday business requirements.

Online Point-of-Sale

The most common online POS option doesn’t require much of an investment, in terms of equipment, and most people already have a PC or tablet. The solution supports low-volume transaction companies well. These solutions are low-cost, and the system information can be accessible from any location, remotely.

Self-service kiosks

The kiosk systems are commonly used in areas like movie theatres or parking systems. Companies frequently adopt these solutions to reduce wait times for lines in business settings. These solutions work similarly to vending machines.

POS systems can accommodate the use of mobile devices, traditional computers, and tablets. Systems can also be customized with different hardware equipment like barcode scanners and credit card readers. Finding the right solution for your business depends on the volume of transactions, the desired equipment combination to be used, and your budget. In the end, the best choice for you is the software/hardware that accommodates your everyday needs – from transactions to reporting.