Are you thinking of becoming a counsellor? Not sure what training options are available to you or how to can begin this rewarding career? Why not consider one of The Training Room’s Counselling Courses!

The Training Room provide a counselling course on an e-learning basis and it is designed to help those in the health and social care industry enhance their skillset and become specialised in counselling. If you feel like this is the right course for you, take a look below at what the course entails and how you can start learning with The Training Room!

Comprehensive Counselling Skills Course

Our Counselling Course, titled Comprehensive Counselling Skills, is an ABC Awards Level 3 Course covering Counselling and CBT and is endorsed under the ABC Awards’ Quality Licence Scheme.

According to the National Careers Service, there’s a number of careers options you could take in counselling such as working in education, charity or the NHS. You’ll usually counsel your clients one-on-one but you may also work with their families or groups of people. Our counselling course is designed to make sure you find the right counselling career path for you.

In this course you’ll have two compulsory modules: Counselling Module and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Module. In these modules you’ll learn skills such as psychodynamic counselling, the development of CBT and CBT therapeutic skills. Then you’ll choose one of the following  options to complete the course:

  • Grief Counselling Level 3
  • Stress Counselling Level 3
  • Counselling Children and Adolescents Level 4
  • Advanced Counsellor and Psychotherapist Level 4

This means you can choose an exact area you wish to specialise in, boosting your job opportunities and making your CV stand out.

If you wish to find out more about our Comprehensive Counselling Skills Course, visit our course home page to discover everything you need to know from a full module list to course enrolment.

Why study online with The Training Room?

There are many benefits of choosing The Training Room to complete your counselling qualification with. You’ll be enrolled onto our user friendly e-learning platform that includes everything you’ll need when studying with us.

If you’ve never completed an e-learning course before, don’t worry! Here’s everything that you need to know about studying online with The Training Room:

  • There’s the ability to log into the e-learning platform at any time so you can study when and wherever you wish
  • You’ll be able to access funding support from The Training Room
  • You’ll also be assigned a dedicated tutor who will support and guide you through the learning process
  • We will offer careers support for up to three years from the moment you sign up

So whether you’re just starting your counselling career or already have some basic experience, you’ll be sure to find your feet in the Health and Social Care industry with The Training Room! Even if you want to gain an overview of the Health and Social Care sector before specialising in counselling, you can also consider our Social Care E-Learning Course.

So don’t delay to contact The Training Room to find out everything you need to know about our counselling course and how you can begin your counselling career!