Personalized learning is an innovative way to connect teachers and students with the beauty of education. The issue with traditional schooling is the lack of flexibility when it comes to teaching students from a variety of backgrounds. Since there is no universal system of learning that works for every student, it’s important to create a personalized eLearning course to emphasize inclusion. In addition, implementing technology into the classroom using management tools proves to be a useful aid to busy teachers.

Is Technology Useful?

The debate on whether technology is a useful aid or a distraction for students is still heavy on the minds of teachers and administrators. Many researchers believe that excessive amounts of screen time are to blame for short attention spans, lack of motivation, and even trouble focusing. However, a recent survey administered to K-12 teachers sought to expose their opinion on whether or not technology was useful. Out of the almost 2,500 teachers surveyed, 75 percent expressed that technology made students “more self-sufficient researchers.” In addition, another case study found that when students were provided with specialized lessons utilizing technology, they were “able to handle more complex assignments” and “do more with higher-order skills.” When students are engaged in a learning format that they are familiar with, they may start to associate education with fun.

How Can Software Help?

 Classroom management software is a useful tool that makes data analytics for K-12 easier.  What’s fantastic about using the advanced software in a classroom setting is the ability to create personalized eLearning courses that specifically curtail to the student’s needs. Here’s how it works: Each student has an individualized profile that holds their lessons, work, and assessments. The students are able to access their assignments through an educational portal set up by the administration. Teachers are able to track each individual student’s performance through an interactive progress report. They are able to compare data and follow the student’s progress in order to evaluate where adjustments need to be made.  Through the custom tracker, teachers are able to personalize the students learning course so as to better adapt to their manner of learning. This results in optimal learning and excellent results for both the students and teachers.

Customizable Options for Optimal Results

 Assigning group projects has never been easier through the use of classroom management software. Students are able to digitally collaborate on projects and share ideas. This creates an effective work environment by delegating tasks evenly and tracking progress. Teachers are able to easily and effectively share resources with their students to make lessons more accessible. In addition, when issues with behavior or academics occur, teachers can plan private interventions to help their students get back on track. Creating a personalized eLearning course can help students to stay focused, engaged, and interested in the material at hand.

Classroom management software can help to bridge the gap between lack of focus and interest. By presenting customizable options for each student on an individualized basis, personalized eLearning courses will make the teaching and learning experience fulfilling.