Embed Google reviews to your website and become more visible online!

The Internet is a very powerful tool that every business owner should use to achieve success. It is worth being proud of good opinions on the business page as well as google reviews. However, if you plan to sell your products or services at your site, it is worth it to read this article to the end to learn more about embedding Google reviews and the benefits of using google reviews at your website.

1. Why should you embed Google reviews on your website?

2. How to embed Google reviews on your website?

Why should you embed Google reviews on your website?

There are many reasons why google review can help your wordpress website. Some of them are following:

– Google is a reputable search engine that is well-known by many users who make use of it every day. It is completely natural for many people to type the word they are looking for to the Google search engine. In addition, when they get the search results and read the opinion of former customers, the next step is making the decision to purchase a particular product or service or not.

– Google review will help your company to become a trusted brand – when you add google reviews to your html website and they will be mainly positive, you may get very satisfied results when it comes selling items or providing services to your potential customers.

– The opinions from Google will help users to make good purchase decisions based on embed Google reviews that were left by satisfied customers.

How to embed Google reviews on your website?

It is very simple how google reviews can help your business website. To do it in the right way, you should use google reviews widget where you add google reviews. At JustReview website you can find six widgets that will definitely encourage your potential customers to buy your items or services. It is time to learn about the widgets.

1. JustReview Badge – there you can find all google reviews in one business website

2. JustReview Badge – this widget presents the clients’ opinions that include few sentences about the product or service.

3. JustReview counters – this widget can be used to show google reviews about a particular product.

4. JustReview summary – there is your average ratings when it comes to your products or services.

5. JustReview stars – this widget is very simple, it is based on stars. The more stars, the better opinions on the product or services.

6. JustReview page – the widget can present all your google reviews.