Emma provides all tools platform for Email Marketing

The acronym for “Emma” stands for Email Marketing, provides services and solutions through email marketing software. It is effortless and straightforward to use. It provides plenty of functions which includes custom integration,100’s of templates to design, complex auto-responders, and themed signing-up of forms.

As a part of Campaign Monitor, it delivers and makes it simple for marketers to generate and post campaigns which are personal, timely and relevant. With its simple tools and committed customer service, Emma makes it sure that the emails will go to the right inbox at the appropriate time. Emma is launched in 2003 by its co-founders Will Weaver and Clint Smith. It employees over 130 full-time staff to serve its needs, it is recognized as both fast-growing company and a fun place to work. With its built-in integrations and apps, clients can use the data for highly-personalized messaging services and see the impact the email is generating with the marketing initiatives.

Significant features of Emma

Emails are essential for every organization or marketing departments. Emma thinks and helps in promoting it. That’s why it is created for both an app and for forwarding emails. It provides a service to make the emails look good and sound best.  Its functions help the organization to look into this by mainly promoting the following features:

  • Tools for email Marketing connects the data, grow the audience and provides many successful marketing strategies
  • Through Marketing Automation it serves the clients through the right email and forwarding them to every step of their journey. It ensures that email is relevant,  personal, and timely.
  • With its super relevant and timely emails, it converts the client’s data to an automated email by helping the website visitors to the purchases.
  • In addition to triggering the email; it also gives the perfect follow-up of email. With Emma’s logic, if someone opens the email or clicks the link, it becomes the trigger for the next significant campaign.
  • Emma email marketing is an easy way for segment marketing.  It creates real-time and dynamic collections for the clients who meet specific features like Zip code or birthday etc.
  • Creating emails is a tedious task. Emma provides an organized way of organizing emails in a folder. In that groups are organized while trying to build a new segment. Customers can create an endless number of folders and organize them accordingly.
  • Clients can easily drag and drop the whole personalized text or content blocks. Even customers can create more personalized data for their entire audiences in one mail.
  • Emma creates the content as unique as possible to suit the needs of their clients. The content changes dynamically based on the recipient, so each of them looks into the content which is tailored.
  • With the use of A/B content testing, Emma gives their audience the flexibility of voting the email. After testing there is every possibility of emailing the winner to others who are there in the list.
  • Create an attractive landing page, and email the clients with a drag and drop tool. Clients can publish them with just a click and there is no need for development or spending time.
  • Clients can use the HTML template or email inbox for designs to preview or test and send the tailor-made emails which look excellent in any inbox.
  • Clients have the easy accessibility of choosing where, when and after which the action need to perform for building the audience. Emma signup form allows choosing the right time for asking an email address.
  • Emma gives an easy access to connect with the servers and turn the business into highly targeted campaigns.

Ease of use

Emma email marketing provides a modern and clean email by using color, in contrast to a white background. There are only a few tabs to work with like Home, campaigns, Audience, Automation, and response. Emma’s central philosophy is to encourage the feedback. Emma provides a key to identify the metrics and launch the email campaign by planning it accordingly. Emma makes it sure that their clients are working on the best possible scoreboard. Emma is very friendly and interactive which gives its clients a sense of authority.

Emma’s staff who are expert have the potentiality to grow the list and create captivating content and design professionally. It may be a one-time business or a continuing relationship, Emma will customize the package according to the needs.

Emma’s Solution to email marketing

Emma email marketing provides the solution to their customers, who are facing unique problems in their organization. They provide dedicated help to do the best in email marketing and gain success. It provides a solution to different organizations like


Emma runs the client accounts from the main dashboard. Emma’s agency’s email marketing gets personalized services and reach the expectations of their clients. They manage to build multiple brands under the roof and achieve the desired results.


Email is an essential channel of communication for admissions, ticket sales, or fundraising, departmental, student life and news. Emma helps in building the complicated communication and overlap the lack of quality control and branding.


Franchises face a lot of hurdles when it comes to email marketing. May it be complicated software, brand control, or what the other franchises doing etc. With Emma, franchises can allow location to send the best email, drive more ROI and influence the customer at every step.


Most retailers want to drive their sales by leaving the competition behind. Emma provides a mobile-friendly, personalized,  email campaigns that attract the customer attention span and makes them come again.


Emma provides three types of pricing structure to its features. These prices depend on the contact list which the client maintains. For more advanced features there is always extra pay. Emma doesn’t provide any free trial but still gives a demo if the client wants it.


It is for small organizations who are ready to start email marketing. It starts at $89 per month who has 10,000 contacts. It offers A/B content Testing, Dynamic Content, Emma 101 onboarding, email and phone support.


It suits for the high-performang organizations who are scaling for the next-level email inclinations. It starts at $369 per month and suitable for the organizations who have 25,000 contacts. It offers, maximum and unlimited workflows,  gives 10 user accounts, salesforce integration, and enterprise

Emma HQ

This is suitable for business who have large brands or franchise. The organization who have multi-location email programs from one location can opt for this. This provides the benefits of having a maximum of 75,000 contacts with private branding, Asset+templet sharing, and unlimited manager accounts.

Note: Please call Emma if there are more than 75,000 contacts.


Emma is the best provider for email marketing and personalized services which help different businesses with all sizes. The features include email automation, A/B testing, mobile email marketing. It proves to be the best email marketing firm. It includes a signup form which integrates different apps. It gives its users helpful and different resources to get started with the app. It provides detailed stats so that the user can know how their emails are functioning. Thus it provides solutions and advices for the email marketing strategy, creating engaging emails, designing custom-made templates to help and strengthen the results over time.