Essential Tips For Building a Successful Digital Strategy


Digital marketing is always evolving. It constantly feels as if there is a new change to Google’s algorithm or an advertising platform you have to be familiar with. Because of this, building a modern, evergreen strategy is tricky. Where do you start? Where do you end? How do you cover all the bases?

The answer is with the help of Click Through Digital. Thanks to our years of experience and high-quality services, we can help create the ultimate plan. In this guide, we’ll breezily direct you in the right direction so that your questions are answered.

Are you ready? Good, then let’s take a look at what makes an excellent digital strategy.

1.A Social Presence

Here are a few things you should know about social media:

– Instagram gets 700,000 million active users each month

– Facebook has increased it’s users by 15% on last year, up to 2.17bn

– Twitter facilities around 500,000 million tweets per day

– There are now 3bn people using social media, up 13% from last year

The importance of social media accounts is obvious, but utilising them isn’t. The best marketers use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook et al. to connect. For example, the ads on the ‘Gram are shareable and organic as they come in the form of a photo or image.

For businesses with a young demographic, it’s the easiest way to raise awareness of the brand; 88% of 18-29 year-olds use it on a regular basis.

2.A Yahoo! Bing Partnership

The two search engines have joined forces to provide companies with an inexpensive form of PPC advertising. Studies suggest the average click is nearly 25% cheaper with the Yahoo! Bing network compared to Google Adwords. You don’t need to be a mathematician to figure out a low click acquisition lends itself to an inexpensive PPC campaign.

For more on pay-per-click and how to use it properly, check out our very own guide.

3.A Lookalike Program

Doppelgangers are people who look like you but aren’t you, and they’re everywhere. So, it’s only logical that people with the same shopping and conversion habits exist too. Think about why a person’s data has become such a valuable commodity – social media sites and search engines use them to predict trends.

Facebook has opened up its “Lookalike Audiences” feature to businesses. How does it work? It pairs potential customers based on the company’s existing ones. That’s a whole new target audience at the click of a button that is likely to be interested in the brand.

Remember these things when you set one up:

– Your source audience must contain at least 100 people from one country

– Your audience will only include people from the country/countries you select

– You can use multiple Lookalike Audiences at the same time

 4.A Spying Strategy

It’s easy to see the word “spying” and freak out. You want to beat the competition yet you don’t want to cheat. Don’t worry because you don’t have to; spying is about learning.

The most successful companies look to their rivals for inspiration, and they do it by shopping in their stores, analysing their site, and typing searches into Google.

Once you figure out what makes them a market leader, you can reverse engineer the process for the business’ benefit.

5.Email Blasts

What’s incredible about an email blast is its lack of intrusiveness. Electronic mail pings a customer’s phone on a daily basis and they don’t blink. They merely check it and go about their business. This is one of the reasons blasts have a monumentally high ROI.

Some companies expect a return of £25 for every pound they spend on email marketing. As a result, 80% of SMEs rely on it for customer retention and acquisition.

6.Video Content

More video content is uploaded to the internet in one month that major TV networks have created in 30 years. Other figures to wow and amaze you are:

– 80% of all internet traffic will be in video form by 2021

– Only 24% of small businesses outsource production, meaning they’re cheap and easy to create

– 64% of shoppers say they are likely to buy if they see a video

As always, it’s essential to understand the audience and target a specific group. But, you can’t forget about the topics and formats (how-to, FAQs, etc.) and promotion.

 7.Solid Blogging

However, the written word isn’t dead. 80% of daily visits are new, so it’s a fantastic way to drive traffic. To do so, companies need to:

– Be original

– Opt for evergreen content

– Guest on other blogs

Readers that are fans will find your site by connecting on various blogs and websites. Ask bloggers to return the favour for extra exposure.


These help to break down information into easy-to-digest chunks. Rather than scrolling through reams of data, the audience can take away the main points with ease. An excellent way to incorporate them into your digital strategy is to use them roundups.

Research a topic and draw it together with contributions from multiple sources. The vat of info, as well as the aesthetic appeal, will mark you as a trusted authority to come back to again and again.

9.An SEO Backup

We are well aware of the importance of SEO; there isn’t a digital marketing strategy without a plan in 2018. But, what about when it goes wrong? Do you have a contingency?

The analytic software tracks everything from keywords and phrases to conversion rates and bounce rates. Without one, you’ll likely get into some bad habits.


Along the same lines, don’t go live without testing the features beforehand. There is a lot to think about, and one glitch can bring down an entire digital strategy. Use A/B testing as well as the multivariate kind to monitor landing pages and customer patterns. Check the heatmaps for where people are clicking and bouncing. And, be sure to study the purchasing ventures in your sector.

Why not call Click Through Digital today or visit our website to see how you can have the ultimate digital marketing strategy?