You may ask, what does torrent mean in computing? This term is commonly used with water but that is just one of the meanings of the term. In computing torrent is a software that enhances a peer to peer connection and sharing of files.

This is a very interesting and exciting software simply because users who need information about something do not have to go to the server so that they are able to download the data or file from the server, they can download it directly from those people who are using a PC that has got the torrent. This has brought about sharing of resourceful information. A good example is that of a campus scenario, when a lecturer gives an assignment to students, the students can make use of this platform to share and network as long as they all have computers that has torrent clients installed in them.

How to Use It

How do you download torrent into your device? This has been one of the questions that many people ask since there are a lot of torrent clients but of course not all of them are authentic. One of the outstanding torrent clients is Tixati. Fast and Easy way to torrent with Tixati makes torrenting a cakewalk.

Tixati has been identified as one of the best downloaders due to the following reasons:

  • It is very easy to use tixati torrent. This has made it possible for beginners to get acquainted to it without much difficulty. It is also easily accessible since it does not have any advanced options as other clients have.
  • Tixati is also fast. The tixati client uses superfast algorithms for downloading the client. Also it is very speedy in the sharing of torrents. You do not need to spend hours while downloading the files.
  • Tixati is well synchronized with the RC4 encryption, which is used to protect data transmission and facilitate privacy. In this case it acts as a VPN while carrying out online activities. This is one distinct feature found only in Tixati. While using tixati, you will not get any annoying ads. It also automatically aborts them. This app is also free from any spyware or malware.
  • Another distinct feature of the Tixati client is that it enables exportation of torrent files from one magnetic link to the other. This has greatly helped one not only to download files but also to upload these files to other torrent users to facilitate a wire information sharing system.

Due to the above distinctive features, tixati stands out as one of the best torrent downloader you can use. The ease of use is also a point in its favor.