Managed services are the practice of contracting out duties and responsibilities to a third-party provider. It is a growing business model that offers many benefits that include cutting down on costs, improving efficiency, and enabling businesses to focus on their core competencies.

Businesses depend on managed services for many of their IT functions, such as network administration and security, cloud computing, virtualization solutions, system monitoring, backup and disaster recovery, and information security management. The type of contract and its coverage varies depending on the needs of the organization.

These services are provided by an established IT firm that specializes in management known as Managed Service Provider (MSP). Once contracted, the MSPs take full responsibility for the IT functions entrusted to them.

There are many MSPs available for businesses. There are popular tech giants such as IBM, Accenture, Cognizant, and Datapipe. These global MSPs offer a wide range of IT services to major business operations in different parts of the world. There are also local MSPs that offer specialized IT services that are responsive to the requirements of the company.

Some Examples of MSPs for Business

As companies migrate to the cloud and digitize their operations, an experienced IT specialist at Firewall Technical emphasizes the importance of picking the right service provider to ensure that all your IT needs are covered. Here we look at five well-known examples of Managed Service Providers.


A global IT firm, IBM offers a wide range of managed services not just to businesses but also to other MSPs. The company has a well-established educational and skills training program that helps IT professionals upgrade the knowledge of their IT professionals.

IT specialists at IBM use advanced technology to help businesses minimize their cost and risk, boost speed to market, explore new revenue streams, ensure compliance, and establish a reliable IT infrastructure. Businesses across different industries work with IBM for their IT functions.


Atos may be a less famous MSP but is among the first IT firms to work on quantum computing. Its Intel-based emulator is used by their IT specialist to train them on the actual quantum computers.

The managed IT services offered by Atos include network planning, deployment, operation, maintenance, and upgrades. They work with businesses across 21 industries such as insurance, retail, media, utilities, and banking.


Infosys is a global IT company that focuses on digital advancements and customer-centric business models. It offers consulting services; business services in the fields of blockchain, data analytics, Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce; technology services such as Agile & DevOps, Application Development and Maintenance, Cloud, and IoT, among others.

In 2017, the company has generated $10 billion. It is also continuously expanding its market tapping on new regional markets and dabbing into new technologies, such as artificial intelligence.


A multi-billion company, Cognizant works to meet every aspect of a business’ IT functions. It works with organizations across different industries such as banking and finance, communications, consumer goods, education, energy & utilities, technology, and more.

Its core services are digital business (AI & analytics, connected products, digital engineering, digital strategy, and interactive), digital operations (enterprise services, industry and platform solutions, and intelligent process automation), digital systems and technology (app and cloud services, infrastructure, security, modernization, QA, and engineering).

In its 2018 third quarter report, Cognizant reported revenue of $4.08 billion marking an 8.3% growth in its quarterly revenue. Its goal of “zero maintenance strategy” aims to eliminate unplanned downtime and other technical glitches. Specialists behind Cognizant are focusing on a hybrid business model that includes both digital and physical.


Perhaps the largest managed service provider in this list, Accenture is a global IT provider that offers comprehensive services that range from consulting and strategy to digital, technology and operations services, They work with different companies in many sectors such as retail, government, insurance, natural resources, banking, automotive, energy, health, among others.

Accenture has installations across the globe and is regarded as a market leader. This MSP promises to address any business’ IT challenges, innovate its processes and take it into the digital age.


Aside from the major MSPs discussed above, there are also local players that can help you with your business’ IT functions. While these minor players may have limited clout and business operations, it does not necessarily mean that they are less efficient. On the contrary, these service providers might even provide your business with a more customized managed IT services that will best suit your business needs.

When choosing a Managed Service Provider, it’s important to keep the following things in mind: availability of support, proactive approach to your IT needs, a solid backup and data recovery processes, and managed by credentialed IT professionals. Whether you’re working with a global MSP or a local MSP, what’s important is that it meets your expectations.