If you are using content marketing as one of your strategies for growing your business you might be concerned that you aren’t getting the desired results in return for your efforts.

If this is the case, the solution might well be a new approach that is focused around evergreen content.

The clue is in the name, and evergreen content is all about keeping things fresh for longer, which is often good for traffic and conversion success.

Here is a look at what evergreen content is all about and how it might be able to help your business increase website visitor numbers.

Understanding the difference

When you are trying to develop a purpose driven marketing approach it is essential that you have a fundamental understanding of the differences between content marketing, in general, and evergreen content marketing.

The subject matter and story you are talking about on your page could be a current story or product information that doesn’t change very often but is considered useful to anyone that reads it.

As the name implies, evergreen content can be described as an article that doesn’t lose its relevance that quickly.

For example, if you are running a story about a stock price movement, that article will quickly lose its relevance in a matter of days. Alternatively, if you were talking about the stock price as part of an overall guide to investing, this would be more relevant to the reader for longer.

Apply this logic to other scenarios and you can soon clearly see how there is a distinct difference between evergreen content that maintains its relevance and standard content that has a limited audience timespan.

Obvious advantages

There is nothing wrong with having a mix of the two different types of content as part of your marketing strategy but there are clear advantages attached to creating a certain amount of evergreen content.

Typical advantages include the ability to generate more traffic because you are saying something that is relevant and interesting, plus, having evergreen content should result in a better search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.

Using evergreen content should boost your efforts to drive prospects to your sales funnel and it can be a great way of connecting with your audience on social media too.

Climbing the search engine rankings

As already highlighted, you can use evergreen content to improve your SEO rankings.

What will tend to happen with a news article, for instance, is that it will score well with Google in the short term but fade quickly a short while after.

If you commit to publishing a more useful article that retains its relevance for much longer you should find that the page will be able to attract the right amount of engagement metrics and links that Google likes.

The end result is a win-win where you get more visitors to your website and that means more links too, helping you to maintain a prominent position in the search engine rankings as a result of your evergreen content.

What factors define your content as evergreen?

Although the concept of evergreen content is a fairly simple one to grasp there are certain factors that combine to make it successful over the longer term.

One of the most important factors to consider is that you have to strive to achieve a good level of quality with your article, so it has to be useful and interesting content for your readers.

It does also pay to write your article with SEO in mind, which means using things such as keywords, internal linking, and tagging.

Make sure the content is shareable across social media platforms and work hard at achieving a high degree of relevance.

Aim to produce content that can stay relevant for at least 12 months after it is published.

Formulating an evergreen content strategy

Once you have decided that you want to use evergreen content as a marketing strategy you will need to work on including a number of key components that combine effectively to give you the best chance of success.

Take your time planning your content and draw up a list of topics that you want to talk about.

Remember that the content is ultimately about your brand and your content and brand need to achieve alignment in order to attract your target audience.

A good tactic would be to research feedback and sharing activity on social media sites to give you a better idea about what kinds of content people like to share and what will become evergreen.

It is not always a popularity contest

Another important point to bear in mind is that evergreen content doesn’t always have to be mainstream and it can often pay dividends if you decide to target a niche audience.

It is certainly possible to set about targeting niche search queries with a view to driving the right type of visitors to your site, which is your ultimate goal.

You can make use of analytics to get some useful clues on what niche topics might work for you and it could be that quality wins the day over quantity if the approach works for you.

No specific set of rules

Although there are definite guidelines to follow when creating evergreen content, in general terms, it is worth taking on board that there is no specific formula that works better than any other.

Don’t be afraid to experiment to a certain extent and keep in your mind that evergreen content is not a matter of producing content just to try and meet your goals.

A more organic approach might well work over the longer term and if you focus on spending your time creating content that is considered useful to your audience, this will help you hone your writing skills and approach to meet your audience.

As evergreen content is all about retaining relevance over a period of time it makes sense that you can’t be expected to get the winning formula right straight away. However, there is little doubt that evergreen content marketing can drive your visitor numbers when you get it right.