There are hundreds of tips available online for how to start a business, many of them geared for the modern age. Make sure your website works is one common suggestion, providing that you have a product or a service that relies on such a thing. What you don’t see are tips to help you make sense of the constant struggle to deal with everyday tasks and stress.

Here are five business solutions to help you get and stay in control of your business and sanity.

Take Personal Inventory

There are dozens of positive ramifications you can gain if you just stop and take stock of yourself.

First of all, you should list what you like to do. You should also list what you are good at, even if you don’t particularly enjoy that task. List everything from what you studied in school – even the courses you didn’t like – to what you learned as a child.

While you’re at it, list your traits that could be viewed as negative.  Think about what are you bad at. This will help guide your business for years to come, helping you decide who to hire, who to use as a consultant and when or what to delegate.

Organize from Day One

In these modern times of ours, getting organized has never been easier. There are countless programs to help keep track of all those details that could be cluttering up that finite brain of yours.

But the trick is to look for software that is as versatile and as comprehensive as possible. This is simply because the left hand – in our multi-tasking universe – could be using one kind of software, while the right hand uses another, adding to your stress.

How extensive are comprehensive programs these days? Well beyond your imagination might be the answer. There are systems that fit into systems that fit into systems.

Consider labeling products, for example. IQMS Manufacturing ERP’s website points out that automated labeling is a critical factor in modern manufacturing. With the manufacturing industry dedicated to simplifying production and streamlining labor, the perfect labeling system is a must.

If you are new in business, you probably didn’t wake up this morning and ask yourself what would be the best labeling system for your product. But why re-invent the wheel when others have already tackled this problem before you.

The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself

Yes, this is correct: It isn’t the lack of funds or customers or any of those practical items that crush businesses nearly so much as simple fear.

Fear is debilitating. It is crippling. It is also an emotional response that, more often than not, is a reaction to an idea rather than a reality.

Bottom line: Face your fears! You can’t run a business — which requires leadership — when you are unable to face the problems of the business realistically.

Your Greatest Strength Is Your Greatest Weakness

So true, so true. But many of us don’t put this little axiom to good use.

If you know your biggest strength, make use of that knowledge. Branch out. Look for creative ways to complement your service or your product. Think of expanding in practical ways. Don’t just settle for the routine – even if you’re good at it.


What’s wrong with being content?

Frankly, a lot. From a business point of view, I would almost say the No. 1 killer of businesses is the concept of being content.

Contentment, in so many words, kills initiative. It turns off creativity. It blinds us to golden opportunities that come and go. We fail to act because we are content and this means, in part, that we are resigned to our pleasant, non-aggressive lifestyles.

Contentment has many manifestations, but many say it is not the same as being happy. People who are content are often bored. They feel mentally dull or old well before age catches up with them.

If you find yourself continuously watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island or The Honeymooners, watch out. You may be suffering from contentment –and from a business point of view, that means trouble.