Have We Finally Reached The Unbeatable Ad-Blocking Technology?

As an internet user, you may have come across a lot of ads on specific pages you visited, and most of them could be bothersome. Nonetheless, not all ads are annoying as some of them are useful; for instance, if you suddenly notice an ad that shows the best banks for getting a personal loan with poor credit, you wouldn’t hesitate to click on it, especially when you need it.

However, when most people are looking for a specific concept on the internet they go to a search engine and look at the top results. Many users simply don’t like to get interrupted with ads, and the problem with online advertising today is that advertisers go beyond their territory.

Many of us have applied ad-blockers to our personal computers, but advertisers go to great lengths to get around these programs, so they can hit us with the latest sales pitches.

So have we really hit a wall here when it comes to ad-blocking technology? Today, we’ll look deeper into this issue. Let’s get started!

Do Users Really Hate Ads?

Actually, users don’t really hate ads on a web page. If you visit a page with static banner ads on the side of the page, your eyes will go directly to the content of the page you are looking for. Even if you have noticed the ads, you wouldn’t mind it if the content you need is right in front of you.

However, what’s annoying is when interstitial ads pop up before you visit the site or when you hover your mouse. The worst thing is that the pop-up window covers the entire page while you are reading. This is something much worse than pop under ads that would scare you away when another tab suddenly appeared without you opening it.

As a result, many users tend to hate all types of ads, including banner ads that are moderate and discreet except those old flashy banner ads. However, with banner ads, only 300×250 seems to be working well. Other sizes, especially bigger ones are also annoying; moreover, banner ads in the middle of the content is definitely annoying, too.

Do Ad-Blockers Really Block Ads?

This is ironic when using ad-blocking software. If you want to get rid of ads, you may install an ad-blocker. When you enable it, it starts blocking ads; however, most of these ad-blocking platforms only block banner ads.

Banner ads are the least intrusive ads on a web page so far, yet they are the ones being blocked first by ad-blockers. If you try to use an ad-blocker, you would be surprised that interstitial ads and some other ads that stop you from reading. What’s the use of ad-blocking software?

Aside from that, ad-blockers only block ads on web browsers and not on apps. Most apps you can download for free also have annoying ads that may catch your attention while using them, and they seem to be beyond the control of ad blockers. The most surprising fact is that there are also ad networks, which use a more sophisticated technology that can escape ad-blockers

Final Thoughts

The battle between ad-blockers and anti-ad-blockers will definitely continue. As a matter of fact, it will most likely intensify in the years to come.

On one hand, advertising is important in order to keep the internet free and accessible for all. However, abusive advertisers also defeat such purposes. It is high time an ultimate solution for this problem must be developed.