Everything was great when you set up your online store; maybe it took you what felt like forever to get it just so. Since then, you haven’t really made changes. Or maybe you’re just starting out, and you feel your merchandise speaks for itself. When it comes to ecommerce, there are no awards for set-it-and-forget-it shops, and a great product is not a guarantee of success. To stay competitive, you have to upgrade, so you can pass more value on to your customer.

Customers Should Bond with Your Business

How you bond with your customer can depend on your use of data and analytics. Knowing what your audience member is browsing and when they decide to click away can offer incredible insight into how you should engage with them.

Forget standard recommendations – go farther. You need to reach out and connect with that customer who is most likely to pull the trigger and add to cart. Newsletters, special offers, promotions, and other communications should reflect and support their buying and browsing habits.

People also become attached to online stores that host huge sales at a certain time of the year. Customers are well aware of when major brands like LUSH and Victoria’s Secret do their annual and semi-annual blowouts, and come back year after year to make on-the-spot decisions about what they’ll buy, knowing that this is their only chance to get it for that price.

After a year or two, this sale becomes a tradition for them, and that is loyalty.

Convenience Is Always Key

Customers, especially those using mobile devices, will always click away if they don’t feel the shopping experience is somehow tailored to them, or if the experience leaves them with questions. The primary goal of much of today’s innovative technology for ecommerce takes care of both.

Does your store experience make people feel like they “get” you? Refreshing your digital content, including video and product photos, is essential to immersing visitors and marketing your products. Many stores are also leveraging virtual reality to help customers make decisions.

From true-to-color swatching to 360 views of your merchandise, fewer customers will click away under the premise of “thinking it over”, and fewer still will feel that they should return something they bought from your store.

It’s also high time to reassess the processes that aren’t as customer-facing for more convenience. Rapid fulfillment and lightning-quick shipping are two factors that net you repeat business.

For example, businesses are taking drone and droid delivery more seriously, as it makes same-day delivery more possible. There’s also the fact that Prime has spoiled many customers into believing that there’s no reason to pay for shipping, period. Look for shipping solutions that satisfy everyone, from that person who doesn’t want to pay shipping, but wants their order this week, to that person who will pay a little more to have it by tomorrow.

If you don’t stay on top of ecommerce trends, your business could be left in the dust faster than you realize. Don’t be intimidated by rapidly-developing technology, embrace it, and you’ll get the added benefit of satisfied customers who help build your rep for you online.