In this era of all pervasive internet and smartphones, parents are growing concerned about what kind of things their kids are being exposed to. While when used in the right way, internet could be instrumental in shaping up the future of our kids. However, it is also a medium which could lead kids to the wrong path. SnapChat is a fun and unique way to connect to friends. But, since it deletes all its messages in a few seconds it becomes subject to inappropriate use. If you are concerned you can get a spy app installed on your kid’s phone. In this article we will talk about the best spy apps.


Many experts say that mSpy is the best spying apps available out there. We also believe in it. It will help you track the SnapChat activities very effectively. It makes sure that it keeps a watch on all the snaps coming into the device or going out of it. Whether it is the image snap or a video message on SnapChat it will save it all. The best thing about this app is that you don’t need to ask the SnapChat password from your kid in order to monitor the activities. What you need to do is make sure mSpy is properly installed on the device which you intend to monitor. The app will give you a control panel for your account which you can use to view all the saved messages from a remote location. The files are saved with with the accurate time stamps. This helps you know whether your kid is using SnapChat late night when instead he or she should be sleeping. mSpy gives peace of mind to the concerned parents. It is easy to install, easy to use and very useful.


FlexiSpy is another very useful spy app you can try to know how your kid is using SnapChat. Just like mSpy it will keep an eye on all types of snaps whether they have been sent or received. This means that even if the SnapChat messages are deleted quickly you will still have a permanent saving place for them. It can save all types of files including videos, images, GIF etc. You will need to have the target phone in person only once when you are installing this app. After that, you would be able to monitor all SnapChat activities remotely. FlexiSpy may not be as feature-rich as mSpy but it sure is effective as far as SnapChat tracking is concerned.


SpyEra is the spy app service many people have come to trust over the last few months. It makes SnapChat tracking extremely easy. All the messages sent and received can be easily tracked without having to obtain the target device physically. The only time you need to have the target device is when you are installing SpyEra on it. Even when the app is there on the device, your kid will not come to know of it. It is undetectable. This spy service is available on Android and iOS platforms. You can track everything from a remote location.


WebWatcher may not be as popular as the others on this spy app list but it sure is good at making sure you don’t miss any SnapChat message your kid has sent or received. It is a lightweight app that does not make its presence felt on the target device it is installed. It is also a cross platform app like others. WebWatcher can be used to track multiple devices at the same time.

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