First Time Spinner A Beginners Guide (infographic)

Quality Spinning Procedure for Disc Jockey

Disc Jockey (abbreviated as deejay, DJ) is the person engaged in recording music for audiences in a club or disc. The audiences generally consist of dancers where the DJ plays the music. The title deejay generally consists of music play backing irrespective of the medium used.  The title “DJ” is used generallyby the disk jockey’s before their original names to denote the profession they are engaged in.

DJ is of various typesand it includes:

  • Radio dj’s that play music on FM, AM and internet based radio stations.
  • Club dj’s that play music in bars, restaurants, parties and even in night clubs.
  • Mobile dj’s that carry with them portable music sound system to play music at different events.

From the beginning of the 20th century the DJ’s plays a decisive factor in music entertainment by cuing up beats and songs to motivate the worldwide listeners. From the year 1909 of the starting of analogical turntable to the adaptation of the double turntable in the year 1955 taught to run the gear regarding selection of the tracks to amplify.

For the enthusiastic investment is to be made in an external hard drive, a laptop having 2 GB RAM and 25GB of hard disk space and 2 USB Port Connection enable facility. The DJ software will act as a fundamental intermix with the laptop to synchronize the music. The Controller DJ will act as analog turntables assembled with all the necessities for an electric performance.

For IDJ Now quality spinning includes the following equipment’s:

  • Computer Digital lab: It generally consists of the DJ software, DJ interface and the DJ audio interface.
  • CDJ/CD players: Itincludes the accurate and modular DJ gear capable of controlling the music in digital format.
  • DJ Mixers: Itincludes the two channel mixer for DJ to mix the music
  • DJ Effect Processor: This Processor consists of the different effects for applying to music
  • DJ Headphones: This equipment is specially designed to give a clear and accurate sound to the music producers
  • DJ Speakers: These speakers are specially meant for the music producers for clear and crystal sound.
  • Wireless Microphones are specially meant for the DJ’s to play the music
  • DJ Vinyl Turntables consists of the unmistaken sound and touch to bring home type feeling.
  • DJ Effect Lightning which is specially meantto bring high dazzling visual effects to bring excitement on the audiences. It is suitable for theaters, night centers.
  • DJ Equipment Packages includes the high spinning facility. It is ideal for both the old and the newcomer DJ as well.

It may be said that the above equipment is required for quality spinning. Apart from that, DJ Equipment can also be used as a medium for spinning purpose. In the present era DJ’s not only mix and plays the music but also lights and effects  play an important decisive role in creating the atmosphere of the event for which a DJ is hired.

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A beginners Guide to DJing