Ridesharing is taking the world of transportation by storm, and those who understand who to squeeze the most out of their rideshare businesses have the potential to make huge returns as a result. As the likes of Uber and Lyft continue to boom in popularity, the possibilities for drivers have nowhere to go but up in terms of earning potential.

That said, many rideshare drivers don’t truly take their businesses seriously. In order to make full-time income and truly profit from ridesharing, drivers need to actually treat themselves like business owners.

But how can rideshare drivers make themselves feel like less service providers and more like a full-blown business? Consider the following five tips for starters.

Get the Right Insurance

Having specific rideshare insurance is perhaps the biggest step toward showing that you’re serious about business. As noted by Ridester, insurance providers typically don’t cover Uber or Lyft drivers on the clock unless they have specific rideshare insurance. By having such a policy on deck, you protect yourself and your business from the long-term, not having to worry about safety snafus or what-if situations.

Emphasize Customer Service

Just like any other business, rideshare drivers have stiff competition. In order to stand out from that competition, drivers should pay attention to the fine details of providing stellar customer service just as any other face-to-face business owner would.

But because Uber does not allow repeat riders, many drivers wonder “What’s the point?”

Given that drivers live and die by the star-ratings, something as simple as smiling, offering your riders a bottle of water or asking about their day could be the difference between a four and five-star rating. By getting invested in the well-being of your riders, you show that you care about your business and the work that you do. Oh, and scoring extra tips as a result of good customer service is always a plus.

Go Beyond the Bare Minimum

On a related note, treating yourself as a taxi and nothing more represents the bare minimum of being a rideshare driver. From keeping your car to spotless to dressing the part of a professional, even the smallest details of your customers’ riders can make a better impression on them. Nobody can force you do go above and beyond for your riders, but those who do typically reap the rewards by increasing the likelihood of a five-star rating or tip.

Become a Referral Machine

Arguably the best way to make money from being a rideshare driver isn’t driving itself, but the act of referring others to your platform. Referrals should be an integral part of your rideshare business. Drivers have the opportunity to employ old-school marketing tactics such as smart business cards or online marketing through social media and blogging to get your referral code in front of as many people as possible.

Rethink Your Location

Just as a traditional business would expand their target market, rideshare drivers who want to win more profitable passengers need to expand beyond their own immediate backyard. Whether you scout crowded downtown areas during peak hours or college campuses where students rely on drivers to get around, exploring new territories is a must-do for scoring better customers and making the most of your time.

Rideshare drivers who want to make serious money need to get serious about their businesses. If your rideshare business ticks these five boxes, you know you’re on the right path toward making it work.