With the new year upon us, everyone is waking from their holiday hibernation and making their goals for the new year — a process which leads to January’s market being crazy as everyone gets to work. Which means you need to up your game. You need to make sure that your business gets remembered! And here are five ways to do just that.

1 – Tell A Story About Yourself

Everyone loves a story. Nobody wants to hear facts about your business, but if they get caught up in a compelling narrative, they’ll go out of their way to learn more about what you’re doing.

And because we all love a good story (and if you doubt this, look at how much money movies gross every weekend), making yourself the star of a tantalizing tale will make sure you’re remembered.

2 – Get Involved in the Local Community

Many people say that businesses are not pleasant organizations. All they care about is money, and to heck with everything else. This is actually a great opportunity for you — because when you go so markedly against this expectation, you will have your prospect’s full attention, and thus stand out in their minds.

There are many ways in which to do this, and it’s important to pick one that is both visible to your prospects, and (perhaps more importantly) true to the causes you feel are most important. If you do something without your heart behind it just to pander to your target market, they’ll know.

Methods for this include volunteering, soliciting donations, and charitable giving, to name a few. Give them all a try!

3 – Giveaways

Nothing helps people to remember who you are then to walk away holding something with your name on it. Make sure to give them something useful, something that won’t find itself in the trash bin when they get home. Popular items include mugs, pens & pencils, and refrigerator magnets. You can also go bigger with stuffed animals and the like, but you play a dangerous game — if your prospect has no child, or no place to store this creature, it will just create clutter, and that may leave a bad taste in their mouth.

4 – Leave Them Curious

This one is simple enough — retain some mystery. If there’s an unresolved question in people’s minds, it will stick with them, nagging at them throughout the day. There are some other good reasons why this works, as well, but for now, I’ll let them remain a mystery.

5 – Consistent Branding

OK, not the most exciting, but still very important. If you appear the same every time you show up in front of a prospect, they will, over time, begin to remember you. If you change your appearance, of course, you can kiss this mode of recognition goodbye!  Your prospects won’t have anything to remember in the first place.

These five ways of getting people to remember you, if used properly, will give you an edge over your competition. When you’re remembered, you’re familiar, what’s familiar is safe, and for the most part we don’t want every purchase to be an adventure in-and-of-itself.

Stick to these methods, and you’re sure to see your success increase in 2016.