Have you ever deleted or lost a file that could turn your meeting upside down? It is possible to lose an important document or file stored in your desktop. After all, were humans right and it is completely ok to make mistakes. What if you can retrieve your lost data? Amazing!!!! Right.

With Fonelab Data Retriever you can recover your lost or deleted data on Windows or Mac. This is a safe and convenient Data Recovery tool available in the market. You can retrieve data like documents, emails, videos and photos on Mac, Windows, memory card, hard drive, digital camera and more.

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You can put your worries of losing important data or deleting it accidentally on computer, with data retriever you can recover all your lost data. There are many different methods to recover your lost data on hard drive, computer or any other devices due to the RAW hard drive, deletion, formatted partition or any other crash issues. But Fonelab data retriever is perfect for the job as it never stores or modifies your existing or recovered data.

Why Data Retriever tool?

Data loss can be frustrating sometimes. People tend to give you suggestions to have a backup of important data or sync it to your cloud account etc. But sometimes due to extreme work or any other reason we may neglect updating them or syncing them. So when we lose data we naturally get irritated as all our work comes to a halt due to this one mistake. So in such cases how should you handle the situation? For situations like this, you should purchase a data recovery tool which will recover your lost data and save you in time.

Why Losing Data?

There can be many reasons behind losing your data like data corruption, power outrage or a virus attack. You might have accidentally deleted it anything might happen. Some recover such lost files from recycle bin. But if you’re using spinning hard devices you can use data recovery tools to retrieve your data. With smart recovery tools like FoneLab data recovery tool, you can leave all your data losing worries. You can revive your data with easy and simple operations on both Mac and Windows.

It is one of the best recovery tools available in the market. They believe in providing the best services to the customers. All you have to do is follow simple steps like connect, scan and recover. Voila!!! There you have your data as Simple as eating a pie.

Features of FoneLab Data Retriever

Previewable & Selective

With this tool, you can preview your missing data and select the data you only want to recover. You can check what all missing data, it serves you with options to select which data to recover.

Recover’s data safe & Compatibility

Recovering your missing data was never this easy. This tool makes recovering data safe and easy. One of the best qualities of this tool is that it never saves your data or tries to modify your data. And it is compatible with both Windows & Mac.

Easy to use & Powerful

FoneLab Data Retriever is easy to use. The main goal of this software is to data recovery easy. It’s easy to use software makes it desirable for users in the market. It is a powerful tool that can make your work life a little easy.

Two Scan Modes

It comes with two scan modes. You can scan your devices for missing data. It also comes with deep scan mode which allows the tool to deep scan your device to find any missing data.

User guide to Recover data on computer:

Follow these four simple steps

Step 1: Launch

Install this software on your device and then launch it. If you want to recover data from removable drives make sure to connect it to your computer.

Step 2: Scan device

Choose location and file type from where you want to recover your data. Select scan option to begin the scan and you can even select Deep Scan mode also.

Step 3: Select Data

You can select the file type from the left panel and select files you want to recover. It provides you with files to select from in your prefered location.

Step 4: Recover

Choose the files you want to recover and preview the details and click Recover. Automatically files are retrieved and saved to your desktop.


Price of this tool is starting at $24.97. It is available for both Mac and Windows version. And you can even get a discount of 50% Great right? So what are you waiting for? Just seize this opportunity and grab this amazing deal.

FoneLab Data Recovery tool is an amazing software that can recover data lost in any unfortunate scenarios like virus attack, improper handling, water damage etc. You can retrieve your lost videos, Excel, PDF, music, photos, WordPad, etc. Users across the globe are loving this tool. Be it a business professional or students everybody can be benefited by this tool. It comes with 200MB and above hard disk space with the RAM of 512 MB and more.