Spam can be a real issue if your site or blog is run on WordPress hosting. Even with the usual robot file, and not a high number of visitors, your site constantly receives traffic from bots. Every year, automated traffic increases gradually. And the problem is that the growth of bots traffic is greater than the growth of organic traffic, which leads to an increase in the spam amount.

What Is Mail Spam and Why to Combat It?

You can use several methods to combat spam, and cleantalk cloud anti-spam protection for websites is one of them. The first and easiest way to avoid spam is to disable the commenting function. This option works best for sites and landing pages. You can disable comments as follows:

  • log in to the CRM as an administrator;
  • in the control panel, open the settings tab;
  • in the window that opens, turn off the function that allows comments;
  • scroll down the page and click save changes.

If you do not want to completely close the comments, it is possible to restrict access to them. To do this, you can set up a mandatory authorization on the website or verification of comments by a moderator. Alternatively, you can also use a unique feature. In the section with moderator’s comments, there is a text entry box that allows you to specify words, headings, links, emails, or IP’s to blacklist for the website. Posts that contain information that is blacklisted will be marked as spam.

The second way to protect your online resource from spam is to use special plugins. We suggest that you get acquainted with the most popular options.

WP Spamshield Anti Spam

  • works with all popular plugins including e-commerce plugins on the site;
  • provides protection against spam bots and other types of spam;
  • works with JS / Cookies Anti-Spam Layer as well as Algorithmic Anti Spam Layer;
  • partially protects the site from SQL implementations and XSS vulnerabilities;
  • uses a spam queue filter that analyzes information before it enters the database;
  • stops spam registration attempts.


Antispam Bee

  • distinguishes IP address and requires authorization to leave comments;
  • does not require authorization for use and does not collect personal information;
  • supports automatic spam deletion and country selection for blocking.


  • automatic verification of all comments and the use of spam filters; you will also have the opportunity to check comments from time to time;
  • comment history is saved, allowing the user to check whether his comment has been marked as Akismet spam or moderated.


Free plugins will protect your online resource against the most common spam attacks, but if you are interested in premium-level applications, then you should get acquainted with the functionality of CleanTalk software. For 8 dollars a year, you can get full protection from spamming your website. This plugin processes from 1.5 to 2 million requests daily, 99.8% of which are marked as spam.

CleanTalk is a cloud-based system for combatting comment spam, registering, and creating trackbacks. In addition, the plugin also filters orders, widgets, and email newsletters. The plugin defines and stops spam with no captcha or other solutions being used.