Digital marketing has evolved into a modern giant in the past twenty years. From humble beginnings, it quickly surpassed television and radio advertising in revenues and opportunities, and now remains the go-to for companies looking to enhance their visibility without breaking the bank. If your company is looking to make a marketing drive as we enter the second quarter of 2019, then this article should provide some pointers as to where to invest your time and cash in order to see the best possible return on that investment in the form of boosted sales and increased profits.

Social Media Marketing

This one is for the smaller businesses out there who’re unable to allocate large amounts of resources to their marketing campaign. Posting on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook is, of course, free. What’s more, it’s a nominal fee if you want to boost those posts to increase their visibility on the social media platforms.

Use your social media channels to engage with your customers, posting relevant and entertaining content in order to encourage share. If your content is particularly provocative, interesting or funny, you may even find yourself going viral.

Website Set-Up

Another area in which small companies are particularly slow is in setting up professional websites. Often, they’ll cut costs by creating sub-standard websites that hardly fill the consumer with trust. Use this site to check domain name availability so that you can create a brand new website, with the help of web designers who’ll work on the internal and the aesthetic design to impress site visitors.

Your website can be used to publish blog posts, which naturally increases the web traffic that arrives at your site. You can include keywords that match the searches of prospective customers in order to draw in those users who are most curious about discovering your company and its products and services. You’re also able to share detailed pictures and descriptions of everything you’re selling to heighten that curiosity, leading to increased sales.

Email Marketing

You may feel that email marketing constitutes ‘spamming’ in the modern era, but time and again email campaigns have proven fruitful for companies large and small. The simplest way to run one of these campaigns for virtually no money is to use the email address bank that you already have in your company to email looking to inspire repeat custom.

When anyone interacts with your company, it’s crucial that you use their data, including contact data, in future marketing campaigns. In that sense, always collect an email address and offer a tick-box for promotional material to be sent to your customer.

Programmatic Marketing

A quick word on the wonderful world of programmatic marketing, where your targeted adverts are presented to those web users whose digital footprint and profile is a match for your target demographic. It’s the rising star in digital marketing circles, and one to watch in 2019.

To get involved in this kind of marketing, you’ll be able to approach current providers who can help describe to you the benefits of programmatic marketing, and show you how it might work with your own adverts.

These four marketing techniques present huge opportunities for your company to grow in visibility and profits in 2019.