Free Resume Templates That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

You can easily go to Google and type in free resume templates and get hundreds of options, but how do you know which ones are actually good? You don’t want your resume turning into a mess of fonts and colors that just ends up making it look unprofessional, especially when you consider the fact that recruiters only spend an average of six seconds scanning through resumes before they make their decision. You want to make sure you get your foot in the door, but how can you if your resume doesn’t stand out?

The One Page Resume Template

As you’ve probably noticed, resumes tend to be pretty long. But most hiring managers only spend 20 seconds looking at a resume before deciding whether or not to give an applicant an interview. If your resume isn’t immediately clear and concise, you don’t have time to sell yourself effectively. But rather than cutting information out of your resume completely, we recommend that you keep your resume lean by using our one-page resume template. On one page, you can keep your essential details right at top—like contact info and previous experience—and then use bullet points for any other major accomplishments or job roles.

The Functional/Professional Resume Template

The functional resume is exactly what it sounds like: a resume that focuses on all of your professional accomplishments, but doesn’t attempt to highlight your work history. This type of resume tends to be best for career changers or people who have gaps in their employment history. It’s also helpful if you want to emphasize your skills and expertise over traditional work experience. If you need help writing one, check out our free functional/professional template (and download it here).

The Chronological Resume Template

The most traditional type of resume is called a chronological resume, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: The information on your resume is arranged in chronological order, starting with your current or most recent job, and working backwards to your earliest work experience. When you’re applying for jobs that are similar to what you’ve done before (or even ones where it might not matter when you worked), going chronological is often ideal. However, if you have many different types of experience (for example, an entry-level administrative assistant and an international business manager), there’s really no way to list them all chronologically—in that case, see if there’s another kind of resume template that can better suit your skills.

The Combination Resume Template

This resume combines both chronological and functional formats, with six to ten years of experience in each field listed chronologically on top and all other experience listed below. This template is perfect for recent graduates or those with sparse work histories. To learn more about crafting your resume, see our guide: How to Write a Professional Resume that Gets Noticed. For more information on how to set up your resume before you begin creating it, find free resume templates on coolfreecv.

Other Free Resumes for Different Professions

While having access to free resume templates is essential, using one that doesn’t align with your career can mean missing out on opportunities or being completely overlooked by recruiters. To ensure you’re not only creating an eye-catching resume but also one that highlights your skills, it helps to find relevant templates and download them in advance of your next job hunt. Allowing yourself plenty of time to look through multiple templates means you can use some of them as inspiration while tailoring others for different jobs or industries. Many free resume templates are simple Microsoft Word documents, which allows you to easily cut and paste parts of another template into yours. If customizing isn’t for you, there are plenty of sites offering professionally designed resumes for purchase.