Freelance digital marketing paired with affiliate marketing can create a great passive income stream


In the world of freelance digital marketing, you’ll always cross paths with affiliate marketing. It doesn’t really matter what you’re selling or offering, you will always be able to give out an affiliate link to boost your revenue, you just have to make sure you do a few specific things and understand what you’re doing along the way.

Freelance digital marketing consists of various tasks and that means you need to wear many different business hats. The beauty of this is that you can focus on one aspect of your business, outsource the rest to specific companies with a good affiliate structure, and still make money off of your customer even though you’re not doing all of the work.

You can’t close every deal

When it comes to being a freelance digital marketer, you will actually lose more leads than you actually close. If you’re a successful online marketer you know that you will likely close 1 in 5 people you talk to, and this doesn’t matter if you’re having a conversation via email or sitting down for a personal meeting, you will close about 20% of the deals you initiate.

You can’t let this hold you back, you just need to keep working and getting positive recommendations from your client base, and you will then see 2 out of 5 closing with you due to the positive comments they’ve read online about your business.

Build it slowly so you don’t mess up along the way

Everyone wants to be rich right away but they never think about all the work that is involved when it comes to freelance digital marketing. You have to talk with clients, do the work, find new leads, manage teams, manage other freelancers who do the work you can’t, manage websites, and various other tasks. You won’t get it all right the first time, so you need to build everything slowly and pay attention to detail along the way.

After a few months, maybe a year, you will have some dedicated clients and a team of people working for you who can do all the work flawlessly. You won’t be able to take it easy though, the work never stops and you will always have to find new clients, so stay on task and keep the revenue building.

Learn a skill, master it, then sell it as a service

If you aren’t already running a full team of professionals then you’ll likely want to pick a specific part of online marketing and master it. There are plenty of people out there making a ton of money just doing SEO or just doing social media marketing for their clients.

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in your skills, you need to think of what would be the easiest to accomplish on a shoestring budget. Things like social media marketing, PPC management, and SEO can be learned for free online and all you have to do is put in the time. You don’t really need to buy any ebooks or classes, so get to studying and be sure to understand everything about your chosen section of digital marketing and then get a website up and running that shows your skills. Once you’re proficient in bringing in traffic, you can then look for your own clients and manage their accounts or help them bring in traffic.

You can’t do everything so “outsource” it

There are plenty of large digital companies out there that are run by a couple people and their “Team” is just a pool our outsourced talent. Think about it, how often are you going to need web design if you’re offering social media management as a service? You probably will need it once a year so it doesn’t make sense to have a web designer on payroll every day of the week.

This is why we outsource specific tasks to quality professionals around the world and save money while we do it! You can find plenty of these professionals on a platform like since they have over 500,000 services related to freelance digital marketing.

Find people who can do the work you aren’t able to, like web design or online marketing, and only keep the best ones in your contact list for when you need some work done. This way you can sell other services and have your new friends do the work while you both make a decent profit off of the project.

Affiliate commissions bring in sales without hassles

When it comes to freelance digital marketing a lot of people think about affiliate marketing because you don’t really need the skills, website, or support team to finish a quality service. You simply send people through a link and they decide if that service is what they actually need. You make a commission from anyone that signs up, and that’s a secondary way to boost your profits, but it’s not the main way to build a business if you’re trying to be noticed as a professional.

If you’re going to send people to an affiliate product or service you need to be sure that it compliments your own. If you’re selling dog bowls you would want to link to an affiliate product that offers dog toys or even doggy daycare. If you’re offering social media management you can then publish an affiliate link to web design, SEO, PPC management, etc. Just remember that you will probably lose that potential client to the company that will pay you an affiliate commission unless you know they don’t offer your specific service.

In The End

You need to think before you act when it comes to freelance digital marketing and affiliate marketing because you could be giving away your traffic if you’re not safe. Analyze the company you’re sending traffic to and be sure they don’t offer the same services as you. Doing this will ensure you don’t lose clients to websites you’re sending traffic to and you will gain even more revenue over time.