Fully-Integrated ERP Manufacturing Software Solution

With the innovation of the assembly line starting with Ford’s Model T, the manufacturing industry has been a competitive market bursting with both hardware and software inventions. Today’s production floor uses specialized programs, such as manufacturing software from TGI, to track parts, assembly times and overall business flow. Software plays an intricate part in streamlining production.

Inventory at a Glance

An entire production line could shut down with improperly reported inventory numbers. One missing part suspends operations, forcing workers to remain idle until the item arrives or is machined. This huge cost affects profits and often disrupts product distribution. Manufacturing software typically gives managers a real-time glimpse of inventory. When counts are low, the system either alerts managers or simply reorders supplies automatically. With proper numbers inputted into the system, it’s nearly impossible to be left with no parts for a rush order.

Production Analysis

Some manufacturing processes take up several warehouses or buildings, making it difficult to pinpoint slow areas ready for improvement. Software compiles every workday’s data from machining times to production speed. Managers discover manufacturing sections that require extra help such as a difficult mechanical adjustment. By arranging the workforce based on need, the software will streamline workflow for the entire company. This information is almost priceless for companies trying to make a profit in a struggling market.

From the Top on Down

It’s not just the production managers who are well aware of productivity. That’s why this software is accessible throughout the entire company. CEOs to executive assistants have a chance to know what is going on in manufacturing, allowing them to work with better knowledge about the entire production process. Any issues that arise can be quickly abated with a smart team pinpointing the issue. This team effort boosts profits and company morale.

From quick looks at inventory numbers to complete analyses of production times, manufacturing software makes most companies flow smoothly with seamless supplies to retailers and direct customers. Integrating and updating software on a regular basis ensures a smooth flow for peak production numbers.