Get back your lost partition drive data

The lost data of any of the partition drive is like a nightmare for any person. The partition of drives is very significant for any general PC user and the system can disappoint you anytime with such dialog boxes on your screen. In this hard situation of bafflement, one can get through only the path of getting to some software than can let them recover their lost or damaged data in the invalid partition drive. The data on the drive still exists but, unfortunately it could not be accesses because of some command problem or the wrong message that is being displayed and if that data is not recovered in few days, it can even damage or make your whole data erased off the drive. This mishap may be because of any reason such as virus attack or power surges or incompatibility of some newly installed software in the system. One can save them from any such kind of mishap only through the Ease Us Partition Recovery Wizard Software that provides quite reliable and compatible recovery software for your either lost or deleted files.

The recover partition software gives the easy access of the partitions of the system that were being used at some time. Even the original data of the system is being recovered from the partition without any need to interfere in the other applications of the system that are being started up. This secure method is quite compatible with every windows platform and does not make you lose any kind of settings of your systems. To locate the place of scan partition quickly, it comes with a quick scan to search for the restoration of the lost or deleted partition. Under the Windows platform, it lets you recover the FAT, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, HFSX, Ext2 and Ext3 partitions of the system. The software not only recovers the data from any PC or laptop but, is also quite useful in recovering the data from the memory cards, hard drive or any other stirage media devices.

To recover lost partition, one can download and thus install the software without much hassle and space requirement in their system. The recovery system does not limits to any particular type of data but, multiple types of files can be recovered which were lost due to some mistake or mishap. This open software is available for free in the official website of the Ease Us. Choosing the best recovery tool for your problem can make you at ease with your system data and can make you accomplish your work successfully.

Users can recover the deleted or lost partitions through the simple steps given below:

  • After the installation of the Ease Us software, run the wizard on your system.
  • There are two modes of recovery, namely automatic and manual. The automatic control minimizes the time or recovery and also operates all the function son its own while, the manual gives you the whole control of the recovery operation and thus, waits for your commands to continue the recovery, which thus, takes the more of the time.
  • If the user selects the automatic mode, after clicking Next to continue, the software will recover the lost or deleted data files from the desired partition. The scanner will display all the partitions on your screen and you can choose the one you want to recover for your lost data. If even then, you do not find your data, then you can click on the complete search mode for the search on all the hard drives possible available.
  • The recovered partitions will be highlighted with the green dot and you can proceed further to get on your whole data.
  • If the user chooses for the manual mode, then choose the unallocated space where the user wants to recover the data and files.
  • Then proceed with choosing either the fast or complete mode of search for the recovery of data.
  • As the deleted volume is being found, it will be displayed on the screen with all the data files resided inside it.
  • With further proceed; users can get the desired data on their systems.