Get the ball rolling even on a tight budget – SEO for startups


If you’re a new startup company owner, search engine optimization is definitely your nightmare! Majority of the startups know the contribution of SEO for obtaining online success but most of them are ignorant about how they can develop an effective strategy that works for them. From all corners of the world, SEO companies contact new startup firms and promise them the same consequence of instant ranking in search engine result pages.

But before you hire an SEO Toronto firm which promises to deliver you the best results, you have to ensure you know a few important things on start-up SEO, so that their futility to serve you doesn’t deplete your marekting budget. To know how you can get the ball rolling with startup SEO even when you’re on a tight budget, here are few things that you may know.

Get your on-page SEO perfected at the very beginning

Most of the startups and the SEO companies forget about on-page SEO which is one of the most important factor that counts for long-term success. Neglecting this part is similar to running a marathon without a leg. You may successfully reach the finish line but that would take a long time. Learn how you can implement the best on-page SEO techniques on your startup business site. When you think you can’t do it on your own, seek help of an experienced company.

Accelerate your social media presence and lure social signals

From its inception, a startup firm needs to have a strong social media presence with a well-thought out social media effort which can assist and accelerate the growth of the startup. Each and every mention, share and re-tweet is considered as a social signal and they’re a vital part of a successful SEO plan. You may not be able to keep a full-time social media manager within your tight budget but that doesn’t mean you should neglect the influence of social networks.

Start a blog and keep updating

Every startup should have a blog for their site and it should also be updated and regulated on a weekly, even daily, basis. The best way of writing good content is to source the posts from your own organization. Assign an employee to manage the blog and give him writing assignments throughout the organization. Ask them to write on topics which are based on keywords which the startup will target for SEO as this is a great way to help quality content to be posted for SEO.

You can still opt for guest blogging

Watch out for industry blogs which have enough potential to offer a startup the right exposure and traffic which can be pitched through guest posts. You can use the startup to spread this in the beginning. Start a system of rewarding that employee who gets the most guest posts which drives maximum traffic to your website.

Once your startup gets the initial growth level, you can then think of hiring an experienced SEO agency to get the best of their expertise. Till then, you can utilize the tips given above to kickstart your SEO efforts.