Technological advances, especially within the last ten years, have revolutionized the way media is being consumed around the world. Where video media is concerned, present day consumers rely and insist upon viewing their chosen content on-demand. This is why video streaming has become so popular; accessing content through a cloud-based service like Facebook or Netflix provides customers with the flexibility and range of selection that a traditional broadcasting network is unable to. This also extends beyond personal use as many businesses utilize social media and video technology; they depend on it to uphold their brand, and to keep their own audiences or consumers engaged.

As a result of this growing need, the corporations offering these cloud-based services across the globe require the infrastructure, and more importantly, the IT equipment to successfully transmit their video media to users in many different countries. However, cross-border transactions are complex even for the most experienced logistics experts, and can represent a significant cost to both resellers and their corporate clients. The shipping of IT equipment (among other dual-use goods and controlled use goods) is sensitive and highly regulated, requiring a variety of import permits. Additionally, many countries may also ask for an Importer of Record to take responsibility for the items, arrange brokerage and secure clearances. Unfortunately, these valuable assets are often at risk of being held at customs upon arrival in a new country. If proper and careful measures aren’t taken, a myriad of unforeseen costs can arise on top of inconvenient delays.

This is where a global distribution partner can help, providing guaranteed cross-border transactions in compliance with the law, as they are familiar with the varying permits and different requirements each country enforces. Furthermore, they can act as the Importer of Record, and companies like TecEx will even provide an import VAT refund (or Value-Added Tax refund) in over 40 of the 136 countries where they have a point of presence.

As your Importer of Record, they will secure all the necessary documentation including a commercial invoice (sale of goods from supplier to end customer), freight delivery waybill with instructions for pick up and delivery, and customs supporting documentation (import permits, certifications, clearance documentation). There is also the added benefit of a hands-on service; a representative on the ground ensures the goods arrive at their destination quickly and efficiently. Moreover, the convenience of an online portal provides current clients with updates on their delivery, with an import tracker monitoring the sensitive equipment in real time. Prospective clients receive accurate quotes, guaranteeing that they only pay the landed cost quote regardless of any changes to a country’s regulations thereafter.

Safeguard against problems associated with importing highly specialized equipment across any border by allowing a global distribution partner to take over the process; protecting your assets, the interests of your clients, and ensuring the satisfaction of your client’s customers. With more and more people relying on cloud-based video technology for both personal and professional use, ensuring smooth, careful, and hassle-free shipment is of upmost priority.