Gone is an app developed to help you sell your things


What does Gone do?

Gone! is an application that gets you the most esteem for anything you no more use without bothering about its value, price, shipping or in-individual drop-offs. The normal US Household has more than 7K on unused things. Gone! is evolving that, through effective valuing technology and a conveyed, Uber-like workforce.

Why do we need Gone?

This new application gives you a chance to snap a picture of things you need to offer and include its description. Gone deals with the rest of all things, it will either offer the thing for you, or give it to charity if it can’t discover a purchaser. Gone then sends you a case to pack up your stuff, and returns the following day to lift it up and ship it off to the beneficiary. Packing up your things in boxes dropped off at your home is truly the degree of the exertion you put into this.

What made Gone stand out of others?

Gone will offer a quote for each of the things recorded, which you have the choice to acknowledge. Gone sends a weigh via the post office for that exact amount. on the off chance that Gone! can’t make it to your entryway, you will get free boxes with pressing materials, prepaid marks, and guidelines for delivery or planning a pickup with UPS.

What’s new in Gone?

Gone now gained with over $1 million altogether in funding. The application is accessible in San Francisco and Austin for the present, with arrangements to grow to other cities soon. In San Francisco & Austin, Gone! Will send a colleague to your home whenever the timing is ideal to pack and set up your things available to be purchased.