What does Gradberry do?

Gradberry backed by Y-Ccombinator is going to launch today, to connect the most talented technical candidates with the US growing organizations. Talent people can directly create a portfolio with all their skills included in it. Gradberry discovers the talented profiles by checking their profiles with their trending talent engine and the professionals call you for the 15 minutes of technical interview to test your skills, then your profile is shortlisted and sent to the companies directly offering you a job with your desired location.

Why do we need Gradberry?

You have good technical skills? Waiting for a chance to get into a good company? Then sign up immediately with Gradberry website, test your skills and grab a job offer. It recommends you with different positions where your skill matches to particular organization. Gradberry either offers you a good job or help you to improve your skills with its talent engine. Many companies wasting their most valuable time in recruiting the employers, Gradberry helps them solve this problem by recruiting the skilled candidates for the companies.

More about Gradberry:

On an average, 8 out of 10 candidates are being selected by Gradberry and interviewed by their employees. Candidates who got placed in a company should pay $8k to Gradberry which is 5 times cheaper than other recruiting agencies. It gives feedback regarding the skills to be improved and provide them content to learn, to the candidates who got rejected. This made Gradberry to rate higher than other recruiting agencies.