Great Brands to Consider for your Gaming Laptop

Purchasing electronics is an important process and you must ensure that whatever you purchase is worth the money. The gadget’s specifications, upgrades, and most importantly, and even the brand manufacturer itself are some key elements to help you decide what to buy. You may already know that a gaming laptop is superior to a standard laptop, based on its specifications. But do you know examples of brands to choose from? In this article, we help you discover top brands to select from.

These are the laptops that have high-quality designs, specifications, and performance. Your gaming laptop should have the capacity to sustain you through every task or game, no matter how difficult or RAM intensive. That is why the list below has been compiled after thorough research and review.

Razer Blade Stealth 13

Top gaming brands to have

Before finalizing on what gadget to buy, the info below can help you have a clearer vision.

  1. Razor Blade

Since 2018, the Razer Blade gaming laptop has not changed a lot but has improved rapidly. Just like its predecessors, the material used is aluminum. The difference in the newest series in the resolution and graphics. If you are looking for something to completely replace your current laptop or desktop, this is the answer. The brand has many models that have diverse configurations for different gaming requirements.

The latest model CPU has Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB ROM, and an 80Whr. These are a few of the factors that make this laptop top the list. In short, it is a laptop with key phenomenal features.

  1. Acer Predator

This series is quite famous for outstanding productivity. The price rates range from cheap to high-end depending on your wallet. These two factors make it a good option when considering gaming laptops. The only downside is the noise it produces when booting. Otherwise, the designers have managed to perfectly balance all hardware features to make the notebook a one of a kind.

An example is the Titon 500. It houses a Core i7 CPU, has a 16 GB RAM, 512 GB ROM, and 84Wh battery. If you do purchase one, it is an investment guaranteed to perform better than expected.

  1. Lenovo Legion

This is a remarkable and dazzling model with a 17.3-inch screen display. The company has been reputable for the past few years and is well-known by gamers and tech-savvy individuals. One primary reason is that the laptops are very affordable despite their off-the-chains specifications. The Chinese based notebook uses the least pricey yet durable material and turns them into a powerful gaming laptop.

If instantaneous ray tracing is vital for you, this is the best brand you have. In addition, the most recent Lenovo Region models go for nearly thirty percent less than other brands, cost-wise. Some of the latest Legion series’ specifications include Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 76Wh battery, and 1TB ROM.

  1. Gigabyte Aero

The most suitable way to describe this machine is a dynamo with extremely long battery life. You can use the laptop for hours without it going off or needing the power-saving mode. The Gigabyte Aero 15X is the first Max-Q laptop to get the attention of tech labs and product reviewers. It was most definitely a pivotal addition to the previous series.

Some of the distinct components are the unique build and 94 WH battery. There is yet a device to knock this battery game off the charts. Moreover, the CPU is a Core 17-8750H, 512 GB ROM, 16GB RAM, and a 15.8-inch screen display.

  1. Alienware Series

Talk of a simplified model that blends high performance and a sleek, slim body frame. The 17-inch screen, as well as the magnificent graphics, are unique characteristics on the laptops. Let us look at the m17 R2 model. It has a Core i9 processor, which is top-notch in the market.

Successively, the RAM is 32GB, so you can run several programs without lagging. The display is 1080 mega-pixels, and the expansive storage has a maximum of 1TB.


When buying a gaming laptop, the essential thing to have in mind is you are looking for a machine powerful enough, affordable, and long-lasting. These are laptops with a lot of functions and can be purchased for schoolwork and administrative work as well.

The models have been tested and designed to make every user happy. With the advance of gaming laptops, current gaming and working efficiency have been improved. You should consider these laptops for a fruitful experience to kick off the New Year.