As a company grows from a startup to an established company in their space the problems tend to change. In the past, taking on client regardless of how much they would spend could have been normal. Now as a more established company the issue could become which clients should be signed and those that are too much trouble to maintain a healthy business relationship with. The best thing that a company that is encountering issues due to growth can do is to address the issues before they turn into huge problems. A proactive approach can make all of the difference to help minimize and eliminate these potential issues. The following are growing pains companies will encounter as well as how to deal with specific problems when they arise.

Employee Time Tracking

When a business is in its infancy the impact of every single employee’s productivity can be seen clearly. This tends to become less clear as a company grows which leads to a number of problems. Employees could just be skating by without putting in an honest effort as they feel secure if they are not the lowest performing employee in their department. Time tracking software can help hold people accountable that might be surfing social media or would rather read clickbait articles instead of finishing a job related project. Time tracking software can be a huge help in training as well as the company will be able to see where its top performers are spending a bulk of their time.

Managing Leave In An Efficient Way

With a growing staff it can be difficult to manage all of the time off requests and tracking accrued paid time off. Outsourcing this can be the best way to handle this task with professionals like those seen at One factor that many people do not consider is unorganized leave systems left behind by an HR employee that has recently left the company. Having an organized system will also help make sure that too many people don’t go on leave at the same time crippling production of the company completely.

Disgruntled Former Employees

As a company grows it might have to let certain people go due to their job becoming automated or being outsourced. This can lead to disgruntled former employees which can do more damage than nearly anything besides a data hack. The employee could contact current clients ruining relationships so it is important to have explicit terms in the employment paperwork. Make sure that if an employee decides to get revenge that they will be tied up in court for the foreseeable future. Changing passwords to company accounts is imperative as well as a more passive disgruntled employee can impact productivity through causing issues. Keeping passwords on a need to know basis only is also a way to protect a growing and thriving company.

Keeping Company Culture Healthy

The best companies to work for are those that make it fun to go to work on a daily basis. Obviously the workday will have its challenges but fostering a healthy company culture can make all of the difference. Do not for any reason reward the backstabbing nature that is present in so many professional settings in today’s business landscape. Reward those that consistently put in above average efforts as this will help with employee retention and show staff hard work is rewarded. Negative people in the office can be a cancer so it is important to talk to those being negative privately. If this persists make an example by publicly reprimanding them as negative talk about decisions management makes or corporate policies should not be tolerated.

Not Setting Up A Thorough Hiring Process

Creating a hiring process that has produced great results is extremely important as a company grows. Lack of this hiring process can lead to poor employee retention and hires that were less than wise. Far too many people label themselves as gurus so it is important to have a practical part of the interview process. This would incorporate a task that the person would perform regularly whether it is a mock sales call or small design of a webpage. Seeing the way the person works and whether they need a manager hovering over them to complete a project successfully can tell a lot about a person. Internship programs can also be great when it comes to hiring as not only can you see the working style of the intern but the company can also see whether the person is a culture fit. Hiring a few negative people in an office full of positive energy can hurt morale immensely in a matter of a few weeks.

Problems change as a company grows so avoid taking a reactive approach to problems. See problems arising weeks ahead to solve these problems before they compound. Preventing future problems of the same nature should also be a part of the strategy created to solve this specific problem as well. Solve current problems now and prevent them from happening ever again!