Making sure your staff want to stay with you is beneficial for many reasons. You don’t want to have to deal with a high staff turnover as a business. That could give you a bad reputation, and if you do have a high staff turnover, this could be a clue that you’re just not treating your employees how they should be treated. Looking for and training new staff all the time can cost you more than you’d rather spend. Plus, happy staff means you have happy customers. It’s a no brainer! Here’s a guide to making sure your staff are happy enough to stay with you in the long-run. You may not be able to make everybody stay as long as you’d like, but these steps will definitely help.

Create A Great Work Environment

Start off by making sure you create a great work environment for your staff. Make sure it’s inspiring. Make sure they have everything they need to go about their work day happily. This might mean investing in the equipment they really need, and even a coffee machine and food for the fridge that they can make use of if they like. Let in natural light, put up inspiring quotes. Make sure you put yourself in their shoes!

Train Your Staff

Training your staff shows that you care about their development as you’re investing in them. There are a number of different ways you can do this, from doing it yourself to outsourcing with a place like prince2 training. Make sure you keep on top of this so that everybody has the skills they need to get things done to the highest standard. You can also invest in team building activities to create a stronger overall team.

Give Them Useful Feedback

Make sure you’re prepared to give your staff useful feedback. If you need to tell them something about improving, don’t BS them, but find a way to do it nicely. This will be far more beneficial, as they’ll want to improve for you. Make sure you also tell them the great things about their work too!

Reward Them For Hard Work

Rewarding your staff for their hard work is a great idea, and you don’t need to give them a huge bonus either! You can buy them lunch on Fridays, for instance. Little things like this are a great way to show them you care and give them incentives to continue working hard for you.

Offer Employee Perks

A few employee perks could be a big discount, if you sell products and things, or even more holiday days than the required amount set by law.

Be A Good Boss

Make sure your staff know your door is always open and that they can talk to you. You should relate to them. Being a good boss sometimes means getting stuck in with them too!

Trust Them

Make sure you trust your staff. They are adults, so treat them like it. Don’t ban talking in the office, or do ridiculous things that some employers do.

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