Technology took over almost every industry present nowadays. The benefits it brings are pretty much difficult to beat by normal employees, and this is the reason why people started to consider technology innovation as disruptive. Some things are no longer handled the way they were, meaning that technology took the place of employees. Luckily, technology comes with good parts mostly. The sole purpose of technology at the moment is to make the life of humans easier, to help them save time and to replace mundane, repetitive activities and processes that they previously have to deal with. With the apparition of more and more programs, people can now control, organize and manage almost everything with the help of simple software and machinery. Isn’t that much more convenient?

The investment in technology might be a bit higher compared to paying an employee, but the results are much more efficient too, and no costs are involved later on. You make the initial investment and you get the benefits long-term. This article is going to focus on handling a large number of employees with the help of technology, more exactly – software programs. By simply having an active connection to the Internet and access to a computer or other similar device, you can control anything you want regarding your employees’ schedule and activities, regarding your documents and data, your clients and so on. Everything at just a few clicks away. Going paperless is the goal for businesses, and you should start thinking about it too. Here are the features that you could take advantage of if automating the process of managing employees and their time:

Time tracking

You probably noticed how difficult it is to memorize or write down all the details related to time in a business. If you own a medium to a big company, you know that employees always come with issues and problems that need to be addressed. These issues mostly refer to the flexibility of their working hours, and the easiest way to handle it and not to get lost between timesheets would be opting for buying a program that could keep track of all these changes and notify you when required. Well, luckily, there are such programs that could ease your work tremendously, that could help your employees remain satisfied and productive and the workflow going smoothly.

A software program for tracking time could be great for planning the holidays for each and every employee, for managing working hours effectively and flexible and so many other tasks that it previously took a while and some effort to complete. Most programs are fully customizable, so you can introduce all the necessary data into the program. For instance, when it comes to extra hours worked, you can set rules for day accumulation, deduction, and capping. It will be much easier to track the days off for each employee and you can no longer get fooled or make mistakes when operating this calculus.

Move their activity online

Handle your employees

Invoicing raises a lot of problems in the business environment because owners don’t know how to manage their employees properly. When you have a large number of employees, each of them will handle their invoices separately and they need to present these invoices to you at a given period of time. What if all employees would have access to a configurable, fillable database where they could actively work? This way, both the employees themselves and you have the opportunity to access this data from anywhere, at any given time, being conditioned by a connection to the Internet only. Such a change can dramatically reduce the time spent by both employees and yourself to check invoices and look for them in dusty archives when required.

In addition, you will be the only one who controls who has access to your databases. Employees can see their own activity only, instead of seeing every other employee’s activity as well, depending on your preferences. You will be granted access to all the information and you will be the one in charge of any major change that’s happening. It will be much easier to follow up on your employees’ productivity. You can also follow your client invoices, all in one single place.

Storing documents

Handle your employees

Your employees are probably struggling with physical paperwork that you have to store afterward. The process is stressful for both the employees who have to pay more attention to not losing the papers and for yourself, for storing them and looking through them when you actually need a specific document. By including technology in your business, you get the chance to store everything online. There are software programs which are designed for storing documents only, but there are also programs that come with all-in-one features, from time management to storing invoices and other important documents. Going paperless is very appreciated today, and it later became a necessity rather than an option.

Consider this next time you ask your employees to fill in unnecessary paperwork that only contributes to wasting more time and space. Simply opt for a more tech variant for handling these tasks and your business’ profitability will rise to a maximum. In addition, your employees will surely be happy with the change and will rapidly get used to the new system. It’s more efficient and it encourages being more productive at work, without the stress or worries of losing/damaging important data. You can learn more about such programs by trying a free version for a while and see what improvements you can notice in your workflow. Also, read more about this topic and automation to get a better grip on the latest advancements in technology.


The biggest advantage of using technology for handling your employees would be the accessibility it brings. No matter where you are, a connection to the Internet will grant you access to any kind of information that’s stored in the program. You can decide who gets access and who doesn’t, so it’s secure and convenient.