Handy tips to boost the feel of your work environments 


Wherever you find yourself working in the modern world, it is important to make sure that your working environment makes you feel calm, relaxed and productive. Perhaps you work in a traditional office and have a little bit of space to call your own, or perhaps you have a home office, or perhaps you even work in coffee shops and hotel bars – wherever and whenever you work, it is important to make sure that work environment meets mind and sets the right mood and atmosphere for productivity.

Here are some handy tips to help you to boost the feel of your work environment.

  1. Be organised 

Regardless of where you are working, being organised is key to creating a stress free working environment. Organising your physical space includes making sure that your desk is laid out in a way that optimises workflow and comfort and that you have all of the resources on hand that you are likely to need. Organising your virtual work space means adding labels to emails, combining online notebooks and making folders for storage.

  1. Be comfortable 

When you go to get good office chairs and desks, both are vital and it’s important to do so with care as they can boost the feel of your work environment. If you have your own space that you use to work in – be it at the office or at home – selecting an ergonomically designed chair that will offer you comfort is a must. The desk you select for your working environment is also a key contributing element when it comes to boosting the feel of your work environment. Opting for a desk that works together with your tasks and projects is important in ensuring that you are comfortable, organised and motivated as you work.

  1. Sound 

Whether you like complete silence, the sound of surrounding hubbub or some gentle music in the background, using sound to create the mood and atmosphere that best suits you is simple and inexpensive

  1. Temperature 

Nothing dulls concentration like being too hot or too cold. Think about the heating in your work environment and layer up accordingly. If you are working at home, then consider changing your home heating settings so that you are at the right temperature throughout the day. 

  1. Colour 

Different colours are associated with different moods and states of mind. Choose colours that you associate with happiness, tranquility and productivity. This can be the colour of walls and furnishings as well as the colours of office furniture such as your chair and desk. 

  1. Stationery 

Carry out an audit of the tools and stationery that you need in your working environment before buying the right tools to suit the work that you do. Having a nice pen to write with, notebooks to jot ideas into and flexible storage solutions are all key to boosting the feel of your work environment. 

  1. Refreshments 

A plentiful supply of water, together with your favourite tea and coffee, can make your working environment a comfortable and relaxing place to spend your days. If you are working from home, consider investing in a coffee machine for your home office.