Helpful Qualities for a Successful Athletic Director

Helpful Qualities for a Successful Athletic Director

When it comes to the administrative side of sports, there are many career options to choose from. One of those options is the position of athletic director. Some of the responsibilities of an athletic director for a sports team include supervising the coaches and other staff, figuring out the playing schedule and balancing the budget. Not surprisingly, there are certain qualities that can help an athletic director to succeed in the position.  Take a look at some examples.

 The Ability to Establish Relationships with Colleagues

An athletic director who establishes and nurtures relationships with colleagues is able to accomplish more for the team. For instance, when an athletic director and a head coach work together, they are able to focus their efforts on making the team the best it can be. The head coach feels at ease about sharing his or her ideas with the athletic director and vice-versa. An athletic director with excellent communication skills has just as good a relationship with the team’s equipment manager as he or she does with the head coach. One example of a professional who establishes good relationships with colleagues is Dave Brandon.

Experience with Balancing a Budget

High school, college and professional sports teams have a budget they need to adhere to in order to be successful on the field. An athletic director must handle a budget that includes purchasing team uniforms, maintaining equipment, advertising games and much more. In short, an athletic director needs to know how to wisely distribute the money in a team’s budget.

An Understanding of the Game

Whether an athletic director works for a high school basketball team or a professional football team, he or she must understand the game. After all, this professional is in charge of hiring staff for the team. The person must know where the team needs extra support. Perhaps an athletic director needs to hire another assistant coach to help with practices or there’s a need for another equipment manager for a growing number of players. An athletic director who understands the basics of the game will know who to hire and when to hire them.

Finally, a person who wants to be a successful athletic director must be dedicated to the team. Whether the team is winning every game or struggling with various skills, the team’s athletic director should always be thinking about ways to improve team performance.