In Today’s world SEO is essential to achieve higher ranking in SERP(search engine Result Page)organically. SEO is a process where you have to be at your top in terms of Google Updates and technical SEO. SEO Industry is growing day by day in Canada. Most of the people searching for SEO Company Canada.

Canada Gives Great business opportunities and has a great market for SEO. Canada has a highly educated work population and very low business taxes with low business costs allow Canada to become a highly preferred investment destination. The Canadian E-commerce industry is expected to touch $40 Billion in 2018. In Canada most of the people searching for a product online and to become a success you need higher visibility in SERP.

SO, don’t you think so that by hiring SEO Company in Canada you can get listed in top Search Engines?

If you are a Canadian business owner and want to explore the Canadian Market, strong online presence can do it for you.

Main Ranking factor for Better Result in SERP

  • Content
  • Backlinks
  • Mobile First Indexing
  • Technical Factors
    Let’s understand what the above mention topics are.

Content is the most important ranking factor. In recent time we will see momentum shifted from focusing keyword oriented content to more relevant content in a very natural way.

If we look into the SERP and their top 20 results, you will find 53% have a keyword in their title tag and less than 40% of landing pages have keywords in their H1. These numbers are decreasing day by day in the last couple of years that demonstrate “Google is started to give higher ranking to those websites who are updating their content on regular basis or who has relevant content on their website.”

Since people started to understand the Google they know that Backlinks has a major role to play in ranking a website. But nowadays only backlinks cannot give you results, you need the website with high DA and PA with Do follow attribute can give you more relevant results.

When you earn high authority backlinks, you hit major three ranking signals. Those are a number of backlinks, an authority of those links and diversity of those earned links. The search engine also considers social signals like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. with the higher user interaction.

Mobile First Indexing:

In recent times, Google role the update of Mobile First Indexing. That means Google will index those websites first that are mobile friendly and easily get open in mobile.

Before this update, many website owners launch their website before it gets complete before it becomes a mobile friendly. If you do not have site mobile friendly after doing all the right things maybe you end up not getting the ranking that you want.

Page speed is also a major ranking factor that is for good user experience. According to the update of Google, Website has to be load in 3s in desktop and in 2s for mobile versions. If it did not happen still also you end up losing your ranking.

Technical Factors:

There are many technical factors that you need to understand.
Encryption: There is a strong indication of using HTTPS encryption and first page Google ranking. According to the new update of Google(Google Chrome), they indicate HTTP encryption website as unsafe.

H1 and H2 Headings: Google do not know what your website is all about, Google bots only go through with HTML coding and they are going to understand what is website is about. H1 and H2 give a strong indication to Google that particular Landing page is for which particular URL and Keyword (Content too).

Anchor Text: Exact match anchor text still has a big role to play in higher ranking. It also gives a high risk of getting a Penguin penalty if your link looks unnatural or spammy. Make sure your Anchor text link is organic.

Interstitials: Many a time when we are searching on Google we found many links that can redirect you to unnatural ADS or Spammy links. Google now started to throw penalties who are doing this.


SEO is the evolving industry in Canada and all over the globe. Now, Google also pushing every website for rich content, quality links, and an excellent mobile experience. Other Ranking Factors also important but if you optimize your website related these elements. You will be ahead of your competitors.