How Can You Save Money On Printer Maintenance?

The majority of households have a printer that they use regularly, but not many of us actually take good care of our printers, meaning that they don’t last as well as they should and we have to replace them sooner than we’d like to. We’ve come up with the easiest and cheapest ways to maintain your printer so that you get the most from your machine and can enjoy it lasting longer.

Clean Regularly

The most obvious way of taking care of your printer is by cleaning it yourself once a month. Printers come with a cleaning function that you can deploy and they will ensure that all nozzles are in the best condition, meaning that your ink won’t build up and be wasted as it tries to exit the jets.

As well as using the auto clean feature it is always good to remove any dust and debris using a microfibre cloth. Only wipe areas that are easily reached and do not take the printer apart to dust it as this could lead to damage. Finally, make sure you do not store things on top of your printer as it can impede the way it works.

Print Only When Necessary

Another way of reducing maintenance costs is by using your machine less. Most of us print drafts, notes and lists that could all be used on screen rather than on paper. By considering if you absolutely need to print before you press the print button means that you will be able to save money from overusing your machine. It’s also a good idea to print everything in draft mode unless you need to print something for formal or professional use.

Do Not Replace Ink When The First Message Appears

Printers are pre-programmed to alert you when they are running low on ink but many if us replace ink too soon. The warning is there to allow you enough time to buy new ink, therefore you can continue to print until you notice that the ink is running out and then replace it. Many people comment that doing this allows them to print an average of 50 more pages.

Save Money On Ink

In addition to the other tools we suggest you can also consider getting alternative ink for printer needs such as Smart Ink who supply a huge range of replacement inks for much less than original cartridges.

Using compatible ink providers is great on many levels; saving money, time and getting ink delivered to your door will all make your life easier and having extra cash in the bank will mean you can enjoy getting extra treats! Choosing a reputable company is easy; just make sure they have a good refund policy, good customer care and certifications that prove the quality of their ink.

In conclusion, your printer deserves to be looked after and if it is then you can expect it to withstand the test of time. Regular cleaning, sensible printing and savvy replacement printer ink timing will all help you to get the best from your printer for years to come.