There is no doubt about it!  Lead generation is the foundation for your sales success.

Ask any marketer what is the single most effective technique for lead generation, the answer is likely to be cold emailing.

Whether your business is big or small, or you’re targeting B2B or B2C, cold emails can significantly help you drive outbound sales.

Unfortunately, cold emails get a lot of undue flak in the business world due to some poorly executed and ill-planned emails.

But a properly planned and well-crafted email can actually hit the nail on the head and drive more ‘relevant’ leads for your sales funnel. In fact, 78% of decision-makers have arranged an appointment or agreed to an event as a result of a cold email or call according to this study.

How can cold email marketing help your business?

1.     Targeting focused customer personas

It is no secret that the key to a successful cold email outreach is the quality of your email contact list. You shouldn’t attempt selling snow to an Eskimo. By this we mean, you should build an email list of targeted, relevant industry professionals for whom your product or service is designed.

One of the best ways to build an email list is manual prospecting, This is time-consuming but essentially a free way to build the best quality lists. You can get the most qualified prospects using manual prospecting and there are a plethora of apps from Google search to Twitter and LinkedIn for targeted queries.

2.     Apply consumer psychology

Marketing is all about understanding the consumer psyche,  solving the consumer’s need gaps and building desire in your prospects. Your cold email is nothing but an effective, free and nifty tool that lets you do all of the above.

By personalizing the email copy, using clever/catchy subject lines and solving a real business problem, you can attract a high response rate and generate high-quality leads.

Naturally, such leads have better conversion rates. So, your email is just a great tool to create qualified leads in the right numbers, provided you use the cold email properly.

Remember, as marketing guru Chris Brogan says, “No matter what story you tell, make the buyer the hero.”

3.     Nurture your sales pipeline

Your email is only the first touch point in your sales strategy. Use an effective lead scoring model to evaluate the leads captured via email marketing. You can then nurture these leads through your sales pipeline with other channels as a follow up (phone calls, in-person meetings etc.).

Following up with your prospects in the correct way requires behavioural insights and sometimes tools to identify the right approach. For instance, a lead that tried to download your white paper but didn’t complete filling up the form. What could be the best approach to follow up with such a lead?

4.     Enhance your brand

You can improve your branding by using your brand colours, logos, icons, and tagline in front of your audience using your emails. When your targeted customers view your brand elements within each email, it builds on their subconscious and you are one step closer to brand recognition.

5.     Reach a wider audience base

Digital marketing and the internet have now made it possible for you to reach an unknown potential market base. Your product or service is no longer bound by geography, proximity, or thousands of advertising dollars to be accessible. You only need a smart email marketing strategy.

6.     Build a powerful network

Cold emails not only help you reach a wider customer base, but they also enable you to get the benefits of referrals, recommendations and strategic partnerships. By establishing your credibility as an authority in your domain, you can reach out to many business associates and leverage the opportunities they present.

To sum it up, cold emails are your ideal entry point, your password to access the virtual goldmine of prospects. The secret is to get the ‘art’ and ‘science’ right.