How companies can help their workers to manage stress resulting from the pandemic


According to The Mental Health Foundation, during mid-March 2020, 62% of the population felt anxious or stressed due to the pandemic. These feelings can infiltrate into an employee’s attitude towards work, so here are a few ways companies can help workers manage stress – boosting morale and productivity as a result.

Encourage Flexibility

Working from home due to the pandemic is a new and uncertain experience for many employees. Introducing flexible working hours for your workers can help minimise stress by allowing them to adjust to this new way of working, as well as allowing time for other new life-demands such as childcare, home schooling or looking after an elderly relative.

Similarly, encouraging your employees to take regular breaks will further help reduce any feelings of stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Provide Support

Remote working due to the pandemic makes it very easy for employees to feel lonely and disconnected from their colleagues. Companies can provide support for their workers through platforms such as LifeWorks to help them feel supported and connected wherever they are. 

Wellbeing platforms such as that from LifeWorks allow companies to connect with employees and support all aspects of their health, from physical and mental wellbeing to financial and social perks, all on one accessible platform.

Encourage Socialising 

One thing that everyone is missing out on due to the pandemic is socialising with friends. Going for a meal or drinks with colleagues after work can help leave the stress of the day behind, so it’s important for companies to try and implement new, virtual ways of socialising to help maintain morale.

Set aside time in the working week for a video call with your employees, whether it just be a catch up, a gaming night or a quiz, getting colleagues together will help them stay connected reduce any feelings of isolation.

Set Clear Goals

Being handed a confusing or unclear brief can drastically increase stress for employees already struggling with the pandemic. Right now especially, companies should make sure to be setting clear goals for their workers so they spend less time worrying about what the task was supposed to be, which can be disheartening and result in lower quality work. 

Instead, if they know exactly what is expected of them, it will keep them focused and feeling like they have achieved something, maintaining morale and productivity.

Stress-free Environment

When the time comes for employees to return to work in the office, companies might want to make a few changes to help productivity and keep stress to a minimum. Stress management in the workplace has a multitude of benefits for you and your employees. 

An interesting way to provide a stress-free space is by implementing office perks such as ‘dress down days’, snacks, breaks and even the addition of games in the office. Creating a more casual working environment will help maintain morale and reduce stress, after all, if work does not feel like a chore, employees will work harder and increase productivity.