Emails have turned into one of the most popular means of communication and marketing. Being among the most time and effort saving techniques of sending messages, many companies take advantage of email marketing as an integral part of their internet marketing campaigns. But, there is a variety of factors that need to be considered to improve the results won from sending emails out.

First of all, you need to be sure that the email is delivered into the inbox of the correct recipient. Over time, an individual may have changed the email address, or the company has been closed, or there have been some troubles with the server. Email verification is an inevitable tool in such cases.

The process is also important in regards to cleaning up emails and keeping the email list with valid emails only. Carrying out this procedure manually is time-consuming and is not that easy to be performed. Whatever big your email list is, thanks to email verification tools, this procedure can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Taking advantage of the email verifier, you will get a cleaner email list, so the emails will be received only by the target audience. After all, it’s useless to have a massive email list with lots of invalid addresses because people won’t get your emails and will have no information about you and your service. Moreover, sending emails seamlessly right and left will increase bounce rate. The bounce rate cannot be permitted to go up because that may raise suspicion and distrust to your account. As a general guideline, the bounce rate must stay within 10% to 15%. Therefore this is just one more reason why using an email confirmation tool such as Email Verifier is so important. Email Verifier will actually be assessing each and every email address found on your list to check its validity. This is done very quickly and correctly, which is definitely not possible for you to do on your own manually. Email Verifier provides this validation service and all of its advantages at a reasonable price. It’s a powerful email address and domain name verification tool that’s been used by a number of users to be sure that the email confirmation process can be performed effortlessly and efficiently and the email list can be checked and clean. As a tool, it works really fast, even if there is a considerable quantity of emails on the list. Despite its speed, you can be sure that the accuracy is high, 98%. Email Verifier is among the cheapest email checking tools available. Truly, you’ll be very happy to note that you are given 100 free credits each month, and one verified email address costs only 0,5 of the credit. The fee is applied only when the address has been checked. This is a totally free plan offered by an online application: simply upload your list of prospects and get the information which email address is valid and which one is not. Then you can download the clean email list.

Many companies have been using Email Verifier and they’ve been able to appreciate the profit this tool has brought to them in their marketing campaigns. With this tool, there are some things that are changed: low bounce rate and targeted reach only. What is more, you can build your own list of email addresses with their email finder.

To get optimal results from the emails that you send out, you only need to take advantage of an email confirmation tool, and Email Verifier is the best way to get started since it’s so reasonably priced and yet so powerful and effective. Simply sign up in order to begin and get the most from the platform which could be used by any OS user, either it is Windows, or Mac, or Linux, and which can cope with any email address. Checking emails could not be easier or less expensive!