Small businesses face unique challenges on limited budgets. Read here to learn how a phone answering service can benefit your small business.

Small businesses need all the resources of big ones to stay competitive. But how can you manage customer relationships and stay lean? A phone answering service can transform customer stresses into success.

Large companies have in-house resources to manage functions themselves. Marketing, supply chain, and customer services are all within reach. That’s why smaller competitors have their work cut out for them.

As a small business owner, your true strength is in being lean. But how can you adopt necessary capabilities in a cost-effective way? Start with a third-party phone answering service.

Does your business follow you around twenty-four seven? Do important calls go unanswered, leading to lost opportunities? You can achieve superior service capabilities with the right partner.

What Can a Phone Answering Service Do for Me?

Small business’s biggest struggle is getting noticed. That’s why incoming inquiries from potential clients are so important. But your life can’t revolve around your office phone, nor can those of your staff.

Today, small business owners will not listen to 30% of their voicemails until three days later. 20% of people with voicemail never listen to it at all.

Small companies hire phone answering services to manage incoming calls when they’re not able to do so. They can take messages for when business owners arrive the next day. They can forward messages and perform other capabilities as well.

Not all these services are as good as others. Many small companies are let down by services that don’t represent them well. Others miss calls themselves or provide inaccurate information.

But finding the right service can transform your business. That’s because the service landscape has changed. After you read, consider accessing this site to learn more.

What are your biggest pain points when it comes to incoming inquiries? What are the capabilities of your team, and what does that leave behind? The cost for a phone answering service might be small compared to the business value it provides.

Here’s What a Phone Answering Team Can Do for You

Many business owners are unfamiliar with advances in this field. Phone answering services are not as passive as you might think. A successful service will become an extension of your own company.

The best services will get to know your business and your goals. They will learn to talk to potential customers the way you want. Their representatives will acknowledge that your business results are a reflection of their performance.

So how do you find these services? What can they do to meet your specific needs? Here are some capabilities and what to look for as you consider the next step.

1. Telephone Answering

This capability is more dynamic than it sounds. Forget the image of the static call center. A flexible phone answering service is responsive to your business needs.

You may be a company that prefers to take its own calls. Sometimes those calls overflow, for good or bad. Your service will be ready to pick up the slack in real time if it does.

Most companies will offer a range of plans for how they manage phone calls. Standard practice is to take a message or make a transfer. But others can carry out a variety of services over the phone on your behalf.

2. Virtual Receptionist

You may find it impractical to have a full-time receptionist on staff. But you might find yourself wishing for one when you’re not at your desk. An answering service can arrange to set up a virtual receptionist to fill those needs.

Virtual receptionists do all of the things traditional receptionists do. They set appointments, take messages, and provide real-life call filtering.

They are also working for your 24/7. And they will email you late-night messages from important clients. That’s a lot of value without full-time expenses.

3. Scripted Response Solutions

Do you manage a number of calls that warrant the same response? What about simple yes-or-no calls? These calls are important but not a great way to spend your time.

The last thing you want to hear as a business owner is “scripted response.” But you get a lot of calls that aren’t a good use of your time. Regular internal check-ins and reporting doesn’t require much nuance.

A phone answering service can outsource these calls to a scripted team. They will have the correct responses to questions asking for information or confirmation. This frees up your time and provides solutions late at night as well.

4. Email, Live Chat, and Social Media

Digital communication falls outside the realm of phone answering. But today, many answering services provide these resources as well.

Your communications needs don’t always arrive via phone. In fact, inconsistent phone and digital service quality reflect poorly upon your company. But much of the necessary skills are the same.

Increasingly, customers demand live chat on websites of interest. It’s more accessible to them than picking up the phone. It’s a great acquisition tool when someone has immediate questions.

The right service will manage the entire live chat process. They can carry out the same capabilities as they would over the phone. And it will improve your customer service dramatically.

With the right service, your live chat can be up 24/7. You can capture prospects’ attention the moment they entire your site. A knowledgeable service rep at your fingertips is sure to amaze.

5. Brand Management

Building your brand is critical to your long-term growth. It’s not easy when you’re new and obscure.

Adding to your virtual staff gives you an upper hand. Remember, the best brands are on top of their communication.

When your team engages prospects, they get a small window in their lives. If you delight them, the effect is resounding. Do it on a continuous basis and you develop a reputation.

Your partnership gives you an opportunity to build that success. Remember, your service specializes in what it does. Challenge them and they’re sure to deliver excellence.

The greatest expense to your business is lost opportunities. You know you’re ready to amaze and delight clients. Don’t miss your chance to get them through the door.

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