Mac has been hailed as one of the best alternatives to Windows when it comes to personal computers, but how does Mac fares against its biggest competitor in terms of things like corrupted hard drive recovery? Mac is, by all means, a good computer on its own.

It got a nice anti-tamper system that prevents hackers and many other bad-gooders from ruining a user’s experience. It got lots of exclusive apps that can definitely bring Window’s exclusives to shame.

It has many easy to use features that will make the most non-computer literate hipster feel like he is the Bill Gates of this century. With all of those reasons behind it, it is no wonder why people like buying Mac, even when the price is probably more expensive than a one-horned rhino horn (which is quite expensive already).

How does it compare to Windows (sorry Linux) when it concerns matters like external hard drive recovery software and many other things related to data recovery? Does Mac, as the hipster choice of PC, can beat Windows in the race for recovering data? Can Mac, which is several thousand bucks more expensive than Windows, can be a paramount when it comes the time for you to recover files from external hard drive? Today’s edition of Windows vs Mac will talk about just that. Be sure to tune in if you are curious about how the two operating systems compare.

Windows is a bit liberating with its many third-party programs, but Mac got better ones

When it comes to the freedom of third-party programs, Windows beat Mac by a lot of miles. Comparing the programs in Windows with the programs in Mac is like comparing a flock of ducks with a bald eagle. There are lots of ducks in a flock, but you will rarely see a flock of bald-eagle migrating to the south (do bald-eagles even flock?). In terms of the program options, Windows got Mac to the ground. 1-0 for Windows.

Then again, do you which one of them is the prey and which of them is the predator? Windows might dwarf Mac in terms of options, but like a bald-eagle, Mac’s limited programs are a very effective hunter; much effective in hunts than a flock of ducks. Have you ever seen a flock of ducks beating a single bald-eagle? No, right? Because of that, the score turns to 1-1, a draw for the two biggest competitors.

Talking about built-in programs…

Mac got a nifty built-in program called Time Machine. Time Machine in its essence is a program that acts as a sort of backup system. It helps a lot with Mac data recovery, especially if the data is lost because of accidental deletion or because viruses (which rarely attack). All Mac users should always open Time Machine the first time they got their hands on a Mac-based device.

Windows got uh…Windows system restore? Windows back-up? Windows restore tool? The name is a bit amiss because of how insignificant it is compared to Mac’s Time Machine. While Mac’s very own program works almost all the time, Window’s restore shares the same trait as a faecal matter.

It rarely works, it sometimes ask for permission that you already have, and the program itself is not safe from viruses. They almost got it right with Windows 10, however, but a shuck will always be a shuck no matter how hard you polish it. 1-2 for Mac.

What about ease of access?

Someone once mentioned that the programs of a certain computer will be easy to use if the operating system it was based on is easy to use, too. Because recovering your data requires you to use a certain program, whether you are using Windows or Mac, it is only right for you to know about how the ease of access that Mac and Windows provide.

First, Windows need to be talked about. The latest edition of Windows, the Windows 10, is pretty much an easy thing to use, especially for those who are not that proficient in using computers.

All of the gadgets that run Windows 10 share the same interface, meaning that if you already got a Windows phone, you will not find it easy to run Windows 10 on your PC. Getting your Windows apps are also as easy as visiting the storefront that Windows got. All in all, it is a very easy operating system to use.

Add to that the presence of Cortana, which is a sort of an AI that will only run in Windows. Type or voice the commands and Cortana will do it for you.

As for Mac, you can take all of the things that Windows does and slap simplicity to it. Using Mac is a very easy thing to do. It will not allow for creativity, but because this section is talking about ease of access, Mac surely wins the round again with 1-3.

The final words

In the end, Mac beats Windows by 1-3. This means that Mac is definitely a better OS when it comes to simplicity. That said, Windows is not a bad OS by all means. It got some things going right for it compared to Mac, but it is a bit worse in data recovery.

However, as long as you know what you are doing, there is nothing wrong of picking one of the two sides because both got their own pros and cons concerning corrupted hard drive recovery.