How Mobile Apps can help Start-ups


There was a time when mobile apps were about famous brand names or well-known companies. Currently, 30 percent of commerce in the US happens through mobile apps. People are now open to newer companies giving them services that will make their lives similar. In such a case, startups have an enormous scope to grow their business through mobility.

With the help of Googles’s mobile-first index, businesses of different sizes have started considering mobile strategy. This is now way beyond a mobile-friendly website. Apps have become more critical than ever, which is why even small companies want custom apps. It helps every company take their marketing strategy a step ahead in the competition and offer better user experience to customers.

Why startups need mobility?

As per global statistic, the market for smartphones is growing by 13 percent every year. Android controls the market, and it has an 84.7 percent share. Most startups want an apps development company to make an Android app, but they eventually do need iOS too. Let us find out why at all your startup needs mobility:

1.Higher visibility

The primary motive of making an app for your business is higher visibility that eventually draws in more sales. It would be best if you reached out to your end-users to build a reliable bond. They need to recognize your brand, and then only they can utilize your products and services.

 2.Enhance efficiency

 There are different types of apps that a company requires, and you might have to adopt them one by one. Apart from sales and revenue, you also have to think about operational efficiency. There are apps custom made for employees for seamless communication and operational functionality. As your company expands, you will need to incorporate such app usages.

3.Promotional tool

Mobile apps give you a fresh, relatable, and useful means to promote your business. It helps you retain old customers and contribute to newer customers in real-time. Once you develop your app and get more users to it, you save other promotional costs like advertising.

4.Higher revenues

Apart from working as a direct marketing channel, apps help you improve revenue and help the business have a steady growth. For example, an app by an e-commerce brand helps shoppers get what they want within a few clicks. It opens another avenue that eliminates the need to switch on a laptop, look for the website, log in, look for a product, and then purchase. Apps are handier and promote impulse purchases. All of these draw higher revenue and better chances to grow.

5.More opportunities

From particular play stores, every smartphone user can download as many apps as their phones can store. When there is more than one option to try, people look for relative apps. This increases the opportunity for you to shine out even when there is competition. Since downloading apps are free, people try to look for all the options that suit them

 6.Apps full of features

Android apps provide easy in-house customization that builds apps that fit into modern business needs. With the help of development instruments and the open-source code libraries, every app can become feature-rich and user-friendly.

Final thoughts

These are some of the reason why you need to make your business go mobile. Irrespective of the size or type, mobility is essential. The world is getting digital, and the usage of mobile phones has increased than ever before.

People starting at entrepreneurship must look at mobility as a long-term investment that will grow the business. This is why you should look at it like an asset that will take your business to new heights.