Serfy is a single maintenance service network. It is a genius platform, to drive maintenance professionals to customer-centric attitude. Their mission is to enable maintenance professionals managing their field responsibilities effortlessly. It handles multiple jobs, employees, and clients with one application. It allows its customers to organize tasks in real time by communicating with field workers and clients. It provides an environment-friendly atmosphere by reducing the paperwork. It makes sure that great user experience in the field of maintenance industry.

Algirdas Stasiūnaitis and Povilas Dudonis found Serfy in 2014 as a spin-off project to a telecommunications company. The office is set up at Vilnius, Lithuania. Their first project has quickly attracted the investors’ attention. Serfy’s tool has helped the professionals and field agents to become more efficient, organized and client friendly. At present, they are one of the foremost ticketing software solutions and in field service management. Serfy’s mission is to redefine the task of maintenance professionals and accomplish them better.

Serfy simplify things

  • For maintenance professionals who juggle their tasks, coordinate with filed agents and meeting client expectations time by time. Serfy offers a wide range of field service software solutions. Professionals can assign tasks, create and track them from one,  easy application.
  • Serfy can quickly turn the customer reports into various jobs and empower them to the field agents in few seconds. Field agents can control the tasks in real time by operating tasks from one window.
  • With various employees in the field, managing them is time-consuming and stressful. Serfy helps in keeping field agents in touch with the customers. Serfy allocates the jobs to the field agents and gets reports in real time, putting the business one step forward.
  • Clients can effortlessly communicate results via Serfy. They can automate the task responsibilities and fastly assign tasks and meet the needs. It helps in cultivating more significant relationships with the people who matter most to the business.
  • Track the work agents spend on handling the emails, paperwork, and receipts. This makes to stay on top of the data. Collect essential data in just a few seconds with the powerful reporting functionality, by saving money and time.



Serfy’s window management

Arrange, manage and create all the tasks and issues one window. Check workload and share tasks in just a few seconds. However, New technologies are time consuming and overwhelming, if the process is too complicated. Serfy lets the professionals in reducing time quickly and easily accessing the information on their platform. Everything they need can be seen on one window, in regards to feedback, issues, team information, and new tasks. Users can modify the layout, so to contain only the required information and see what makes it simpler to make decisions and draw conclusions.


Tracking Real time issues

There is always a requirement for making the right decisions. The information must be on the right and updated data. There is no need to make a phone call or wait for an email to check the progress on the website. Serfy software technology enables to look for real-time updates so that the managers can track the progress. Even they can know what is the state of operations on all sites which the managers manage.

Client Management

These are the group of people where the businesses need to keep them impressed. Serfy software enables the engagement with the workers. Client satisfaction is more important. The software also permits to communicate with clients via a mobile app which they download. They will never feel ignored with this software again. Instead, they will take part in the engagement and get benefit from it.

Solving Site Management issues-Two Products

The whole of United Kingdom uses Serfy’s software.They are different kinds of clients, and various options to choose from. Users can customize this software as per the company’s needs.

First Managers can use both or one among the software tools.

Software to track issues

Instead of using manual processes there is always an automated technology. Our modern strategy which is natural and provides minute details, that track every task and business. Serfy’s software which tracks issues online helps precisely what’s working with, it’s convenient to include new jobs to the catalog so to track that. Scheduling of job ticket method makes it modern and more comfortable. The companies work in the present century in the same manner.

Management outsourcing software

Managers job doesn’t stop at issuing the job tickets to workers. They requires to work on a vast list of duties daily and need to connect with other persons  in their segments. That is where the Serfy’s field service scheduling program comes into the picture. It provides with superior functionalities. This manages the hours of workers and allocates jobs to companies. This outsources the jobs and communicates with partners, clients, and workers after downloading the mobile application. Managers can precisely know where are the teams and prepare today’s work. With this software, the managers are back in place and controlled.

Serfy Pricing

Serfy has provided its users with different pricing structures.

Free for the Tenants which provide Unlimited users, buildings, and providers. It includes Web/app interfaces. This is created to provide the managers with better businesses which reports all the solutions.

$225.57 per month. It is built for managers or service providers. This pricing structure is used to maintain the process more efficiently. It provides the additional benefits of Up to 5 Users, building, and services with a standard support.

$338.92 per month. With this structure, managers can manage more tasks and meet the expectations of clients more efficiently. It provides Up to 10 objects, users and services. It includes web/App interfaces with more advanced notifications and reporting. There are Automated custom forms and standard integrations.

Apart from the above structures, there are more packages which provide more advanced functionalities.


Serfy is one of the natural and fast unique maintenance service network and management platform. Since inception, it is helping service providers and clients to communicate more effectively.

Clients who buy the app for maintenance services can record issues and track their status smoothly. It is equally suitable for significant, long-lasting processes and even for smaller segments. It is used in Retail stores, factories, service providers with field maintenance, Utilities, HVAC and others.

With the use of serfy , companies can increase the efficiency of creating and deleting tasks for technology. tracking service and tasks processes. Managers can collect and store the work history and more.