An exhibition is a great opportunity to boost a business, with many industry specific people all gathered at the same location, and without careful planning and preparation, there’s a high risk of failure. Getting it right on the opening day is the goal for all the exhibitors, and with that in mind, here are some tips to help you get the desired response from your exhibition stand.

  • Invest in your Stand – The structure you create will very much determine the outcome, and when thinking stand design, why not have one of those bespoke exhibition stands you have seen? Modular systems are sleek and come in a range of finishes, and what’s more it is a lot cheaper than having the stand built in the traditional way. If you have a concept in mind, the stand constructor will turn your vision into reality, and they can certainly make some suggestions, should you not have a firm idea on stand design. If you would like to make contact with an established exhibition stand provider, all it takes is a Google search.
  • Define your Goals – If you turn up at an exhibition or business event with no particular goal other than making a few sales, you are less likely to get a return on your investment. You might have excess stock and will use the event as an opportunity to move it at reduced prices, or you might wish to make connections with other exhibitors, and by defining your objectives, your stand strategy will be easier to plan.
  • Make Good Use of Social Media – If you use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to announce the exhibition details, you are maximising your chances of success. The ideal time to start talking about the up and coming exhibition is around 2 weeks prior to the opening day, while also posting content on the company website, which will also attract visitors. If you would like to know more about the power of social media, you can also refer to various guides online.


  • Interactive Demonstrations – Research shows that people prefer to interact and by making good use of available technology, you could set up a couple of touch screen monitors that stand visitors can engage with. There’s no better time to demonstrate your product than when at an exhibition, and with the right promotional material at hand, you are increasing your chance of making a conversion.
  • Motivate and Train your Stand Staff – In order to get the most out of the event, you should have a motivational meeting with your sales staff the day before the start of the event. This will have them fired up and ready to engage visitors.

Showcasing your products at an industry specific exhibition presents a great opportunity to not only make sales, but also to network your company and products, while building a solid reputation for quality. By making sure that all of the above are covered, you are increasing the chances of a satisfactory outcome, which will boost your business no end.