How to Buy Hosting With Bitcoins


There isn’t a person in the world that hasn’t heard of cryptocurrencies and their potential. Even if you have no interest in digital money, you’ve probably heard at least some of the news regarding the head-spinning spikes and drops in its value.

Regardless of whether you’re interested in cryptocurrencies or not, it’s highly likely you keep hearing about bitcoins. Despite all the grim prognoses of various naysayers and financial institutions, bitcoin survives. Furthermore, bitcoin represents 68.7% of the whole cryptocurrency market, and boasts an annual growth rate of 56.4% (2019-2025 period).

But it’s not just the value of bitcoins that’s skyrocketing. The number of online vendors and services that accept bitcoins as legal tender is constantly on the rise as well. Besides the ability to purchase a car from one of the bitcoin auto dealerships or investing in a startup like a music streaming service, you can also pay for various services in the tech niche.

One such service is web hosting. Everyone who’s ever considered running an online business knows you need a reliable hosting provider. Not a small number of customers look for anonymity and hosting companies that can supply it. Suffice it to say that hosting providers that accept bitcoin are at the top of the curve.

If you intend to purchase a hosting plan and have a pocketful of bitcoins, here’s how you can spend them.

Obtaining and Spending Bitcoins on Hosting

Bitcoin wouldn’t be so valuable today if there wasn’t enough demand for such a mode of payment. Since there are so many advantages to using bitcoin, it’s only normal that people would want to get some.

The most commonly cited advantages of bitcoin include discretion, circumvention of banks and other financial institutions, and very low international transaction fees. Since you’re interested in both bitcoin and hosting providers that accept it, it’s safe to assume you’re looking for more anonymity.

Getting Your Hands on Some Bitcoins

If, on the other hand, you’re just looking to get started on the whole digital currency thing, here’s how.

  • Mining. You might have heard of people mining for bitcoin. While it’s tempting to think of pickaxe-wielding computer geeks, the reality of it is much different. Mining for bitcoins involves using special (usually cutting-edge) hardware and a lot of time. It’s not the most easily affordable method of obtaining bitcoin, however.
  • Exchanges. Exchanges are the most common and easiest way to get bitcoin. They are platforms that allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies for a different medium of exchange, usually fiat currency. You can check more about exchanges at
  • ATMs. Bitcoin ATMs allow you to make smaller purchases of the digital currency. However, they’re still too rare for this to be an acceptable way to get some bitcoins. If you live in metropolitan areas, there’s a high chance you can come across Bitcoin ATMs. If not, well, that’s too bad.

Of course, you can’t get any bitcoins if you don’t have anywhere to store them. That’s where eWallets come in handy. You can use any eWallet platform you like. Some of the most common ones are Desktop Wallet, Mobile Wallet, Hardware wallet, Digital Wallet, Cold and Hot Wallet, etc.

Bitcoin and Hosting

So, how come hosting providers decided to begin accepting bitcoin payments?

First of all, not all of them did. Not every hosting company out there accepts bitcoin. In fact, it’s still a fairly rare sight to behold. Onshore hosting providers probably won’t allow it. The reason is simple — onshore providers usually don’t put too much stock in anonymity or discretion. 

Offshore hosts, on the other hand, value the privacy of their customers and understand their need for anonymity. Therefore, they allow you to buy hosting with bitcoin as they know their customers will appreciate the additional layer of security and discretion. They will be the main focus of this article.

Naturally, the first step is to find an offshore hosting provider that offers bitcoin VPS,  that’s both reliable and discreet. Once you find a provider that offers all the storage, bandwidth, and security you need, you can purchase a hosting plan and a domain name from them. There’s no website without those two services.

For most offshore hosting providers, Coinpayments is the standard platform for accepting bitcoin. So once you get to the checkout step, you’ll get the option to choose bitcoin. Before you complete the order it will redirect you to Coinpayments.

Once there, choose BTC as payment for the hosting services and the domain name purchase. A QR code will appear on the next page with your address, where they can send the requested amount of bitcoin in order to complete their payment.

After the transaction is complete, the hosting company will mark it as paid. And that’s it. Your hosting package is live.

Why Buy Hosting With Bitcoin?

We already mentioned that one of the main reasons to purchase hosting using bitcoin is discretion. But who needs all that discretion and for what purposes?

Digital currencies and anonymous hosting are often falsely associated with the most heinous crimes. However, that is (usually) not the case. Even the most dedicated of all the offshore hosting providers frown upon illegal content such as weapon trade, drug trade, and underage pornography.

But there are plenty of other activities that certain governments dislike and censor, even though they arguably shouldn’t. Usually, governments seek to unnecessarily ban adult content or gambling. There are the two most prominent niches and the two main reasons people need anonymous hosting.


If you feel like your online business would garner you much unwanted attention from the government or any other authoritarian entity, you have a real need for anonymous offshore hosting with bitcoin. Cut out all the gouging middlemen such as banks, and keep the fees to a minimum. With bitcoin, your finances belong to you.

It’s possible you still don’t have any bitcoins to your name. In that case, you’ll either want to join one of the exchanges or get some mining gear.

Once you have bitcoins to spend, find a reliable offshore hosting provider, and sign them on. They’ll provide you with hosting services and sell you a domain name for your new online business. Don’t forget to pick the right payment method when you reach checkout.

All in all, paying for services with digital currencies is the way of the future. We can all agree that the fewer banks there are in the process, the more money you get to keep. And who would not want that?